Inspiration – the Deep Longing of Your Heart



Dear Ones,

For some, Inspiration is a very powerful gift, a deep longing of the heart. For others, the connection to their Inspiration is very difficult. You may be wondering, how does one receive inspiration?

Inspiration comes in many ways, but usually it begins with an open heart and mind. Inspiration comes by allowing yourself just to BE

To BE means to have no expectations, no rules or rigid beliefs about how it is supposed to feel, look or…yes..BE.

Consider using BE today as a deeper symbology in an acronym such as Bridging Ecstasy.

The ecstatic states living in the Higher Frequencies exist as expansive, exalted empowerment. They exist and are always present offering the gifts of Inspiration. There is a Bridge from your Higher Self that allows these more exalted states to permeate the human form and percolate through your awareness. This energy naturally moves with the yogic descending channels through the chakra system along your spine.

For this connection to be more available, it may require drawing the exalted frequencies through your breath and prayers into a more conscious state. In this way you are stepping down the frequencies so the expansive thoughts become words you recognize and the words begin to have deeper meanings.

When the critical mind intrudes on your process of bringing inspiration into your awareness, the element of Allowing becomes an important tool. Because humans are so conditioned to control, often the critical mind intrudes into the depth of the flow between the Unconscious and your Conscious awareness. Most of the time, if you ignore them, they will go away.

 Letting critical thoughts BE is your job description for an inspiring new life. 

To access your inner knowing you need to let the judgments recede into background noise and not let them interfere with your process of receiving. It’s important that you feel free to bring greater truth into your waking consciousness.

When you can allow yourself the joy of experiencing freely flowing Light moving in and through you, new awareness and inspiration will bubble up from your heart. Your heart is the grand receiver of the Light Codes and will create interpretation of these vast, expansive energy fields in a way your mind can fathom. Remember the Divine Light carries Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love, so you are bathing in those exalted frequencies as you tap into your heart. This is a learning process that gains strength whenever you use it.

 Your heart is your direct link to Inspiration. 

Remember that your heart and your lungs are very near each other in physical proximity. In the same way your breath inspires your body with greater Life Force, your breath can also expand your heart field to inspire new thoughts, new perspectives and new connections to your guidance.

When you try too hard to connect to your guidance systems, you may cut off your breathing or breathe in a very shallow manner. This blocks the flow of the pure Prana that is available, naturally occurring within the deeper breaths that expand your heart.

Allow your thoughts to BE, your heart fields to expand through your breaths, and your prayers to assist you as you embody the Ecstatic Bridge from Heaven to Earth. In these very simple, easy and grace-filled ways you can become a pure receiver.

Like a flute that can only make music when the breath flows through it, in the same way, you are the gentle receptical for the Light of God flowing through you in every moment, offering the gift of Inspiration. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
May 8, 2020

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  1. Tracy Willingham on May 11, 2020 at 10:37 pm

    I’d written a long comment that I was proud of how well thought out it was and then hit something and bam, it was gone! I guess “well thought out” wasn’t a good example of how to just BE, lol! Very helpful information and lesson for me. Thank you Shanta!

    • Shanta Gabriel on May 12, 2020 at 8:58 am

      Hi Tracy, I would have loved to read it! But the main thing was that you were Inspired. Thanks so much for your response to this post. love to you, Shanta

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