Celebration of the Twelve Holy Nights – Part 3

Image by Walter Bruneel

December 30 – 7th Night

On this night we honor Virgo, the protector of growth, harvest, the place where our spiritual nourishment is digested. Throughout these nights we are digesting the year we are completing and nourishing our way forward.

The Virtue is Courtesy, Reverence, an Honoring leading to tactfulness of the heart, so that all we say is communicated with Love. We recognize and offer gratitude to the spiritual beings – The Kyriotetes, the spirits of Wisdom bringing forth Divine Order and perfection, the Matrix within all things.

The color of the candle we light is Indigo saying the following prayer. We remember the month of June.

With love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of Virgo,
Illuminating the meaning and dignity of courtesy,
Bestowing maturity, sobriety, and understanding.
We receive from you the great teaching that
True courtesy ennobles actions into heartfelt tactfulness.

Kyriotetes, Spirits of Wisdom, imbuing all things with meaning, you who brought humankind the sun-gift of the life body; whose dominion lies in the pure working of God’s will. Let us behold you.


December 31 – 8th Night

On this night, we honor Leo, the great lion, the realm of cosmos where Love is poured forth. Streaming forth the Virtue of Compassion as we hold the future of each person as positive and illuminated. Compassion leads to Freedom, harboring no ill will within us for another.

The Spiritual Beings blessing this night are the Thrones, who carry out and maintain God’s Will in love. Though sometimes appearing destructive when God’s law is not observed, their action leads to righteousness in the Universe. “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

We light a blue candle tonight and remember May. The following prayer is offered:

With Love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of Leo,
Bestowing the life power of the Sun,
Strengthening the heart and igniting enthusiasm.
We receive from you the great teaching that
Awakening the capacity for compassion
Becomes a path to freedom.

Thrones, Spirits of Divine Will, who poured out your own fire to be the substance of Saturn, and through that sacrifice became creator gods, let us behold you.


January 1 – 9th Night

On this night, we honor Cancer, the image of the Crab, with the flexible rib cage protecting the heart and lungs, our soft inner center. The constellation with a star cluster shaped like a beehive, cooperative community honoring the female.

The Virtue is Selflessness leading to inner awakening. The spiritual beings are the Cherubim – the spirits of Harmony, the music of the spheres. The inspiration behind great composers and the harmony in all of Creation.

We light a candle of green tonight and remember April. We offer the following prayers:

With Love we turn to the Comic Beings in the realm of Cancer,
Awakening sensitivity, nurturing the capacity of empathy.
We receive from you the great teaching that
Selflessness – through catharsis – awakens consciousness,
Resulting in purity of heart and soul.

Cherubim, Spirits of Harmony, who dwell in the brightness whose shadow is our air; whose breath is the harmony of the spheres, let us behold you.


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  1. Melissa on December 12, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Hi Shanta,

    I’m not able to find the information for the last 2 nights of the Holy Nights. Is it still available? If so, might you direct me to the location of this info. Thank you very much.


    • Shanta Gabriel on December 20, 2015 at 9:18 am

      Hello Melissa, Now at last all 4 segments are all together on my home page. Thank you for joining in the celebration! Love and Blessings, Shanta

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