The Gabriel Messages - Book

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Compassionate Wisdom for the 21st Century from the Archangel Gabriel

By Shanta Gabriel

The Gabriel Messages - Book

A book of timeless wisdom, open it anywhere to receive a message of personal guidance, understanding and truth that reaches deeply, to your very soul. This book of inspired communication from Archangel Gabriel, ignites the spark of hope in the heart of those seeking peace in their lives, empowering readers with compassionate words of understanding and healing during these changing times of the 21st century.

Deeply personal as well as practical, each of the 56 messages in this book offers suggestions the reader can apply immediately in their lives to gain emotional and spiritual balance.

You are encouraged to download the book’s introduction and the full text for Gabriel Messages #1, “Gently and with love, honor yourself.” The introduction includes:

  • The Purpose and Use of The Gabriel Messages
  • The Balanced Breath
  • The Power of Intention

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The book is available through or your favorite bookseller. ISBN: 978-1-84694-159-7

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What Readers Say…

The Gabriel Messages are an eloquent journey into spirit and a beautiful way for seeing the world of spirit as it applies to your life.”
–LYNN ANDREWS, teacher and author of The Medicine Woman Series

“Shanta Gabriel is a gifted, inspired and utterly authentic healer of the heart. In her presence, I experienced the reality of the Divine. I deeply salute the immense contribution she is making. Shanta is a true blessing, and she will touch her soul.”
–ALAN COHEN, author, lecturer, and teacher

“Uplifting and timely guidance from Archangel Gabriel for this new century of rapid change and spiritual enlightenment. Shanta Gabriel has created a lovely book of daily messages to live a full, loving, guided life.”
–DEVRA ANN JACOBS, public relations, literary agent, editor of Kinetics Magazine

The Gabriel Messages encourage us to see life from an expanded perspective. From this place we remember we are never alone, and there is assistance to choose a life of abundant peace and happiness.”
–WALLY AMOS, cookie maker, lecturer, children’s literacy advocate

“Like a comforting whisper in the dark during a fearful moment, these messages soothe and support the heart and soul – and serve as a powerful reminder that we are held by a force of love that is greater than anything we might ever imagine.”

The Gabriel Messages codified for me all the spiritual lessons I have learned in the last twenty years. It is such a useful tool.”
–ANN FARRIS, author, lecturer

The Gabriel Messages offer a wonderful array of angelic inspiration and purposeful practices for those seeking to bring balance and light into their lives!”
–HEIDI HOLLIS, author, lecturer

“No matter what my issue has been, I can open this book anywhere and The Gabriel Messages has been almost magical in its ability to offer the perfect, inspirational and appropriate message for me in that moment. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking guidance in these times.”
–K.I., California


The Gabriel Message Cards

A companion set to the Gabriel Messages book, this beautiful set of inspirational cards can be used alone, or with the book adding expanded explanation.

I use the message cards regularly if not daily to access information for my Highest Good. I use them for myself and I also use them as a way to create dialogue with and counsel my clients. The messages are always perfect and appropriate and provide support, wisdom, and a deep sense of being loved and cared for. I am so grateful the cards are in my life. What a phenomenally blessed tool. –G.W.

The Gabriel Messages encourage us to see life from an expanded perspective. From this place we remember we are never alone, and there is assistance to choose a life of abundant peace and happiness.

–WALLY AMOS, cookie maker, lecturer, children’s literacy advocate