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"Thank you so much for your support for my spiritual path. I find much encouragement as I read your articles which I receive regularly. It is most fitting that your beautiful work is also at the sacred mountain."

Fundraiser for my cross-country move

By Shanta Gabriel | Sep 9, 2020 |

Dear Friends and Supporters, Most of you know that I’ve been living and working in beautiful Mt. Shasta for the past 8 years. I’ve made many friends in this glorious place first known as the Base Chakra and now a portal of Light for the world. I know I was blessed to be here. But…

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Weathering the Storms of Life

By Shanta Gabriel | Sep 8, 2020 |

      Dear Ones, Weathering the storms of life is a momentous undertaking. Knowing that what may feel like a momentum of setbacks or loss is yet another choice in the flow of your life. Truly, all is progression. Feeling disconcerted in this human time of multidimensionality has become the new normal. It is…

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What is an Anusthan and how can it help me?

By Shanta Gabriel | Aug 27, 2020 |

Surprisingly, even a dedicated spiritual practice that is only 10-30 minutes long will have a powerful effect on your personal sense of meaning and purpose in your life. This is amplified because we are practicing as an international group of people interested in bringing higher consciousness to the planet.

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Leaps of Faith

By Shanta Gabriel | Aug 24, 2020 |

  Dear Ones, In every moment, you are being guided on a path to Oneness with All That Is. There are times when the lessons on the path may feel more difficult than others. You may question if you have taken a detour off the path of your Soul Purpose. You could even wonder if…

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Join us for Lion’s Gateway Video Conference 8-8-20

By Shanta Gabriel | Aug 5, 2020 |

Express your Heart’s Infinite Love as we walk through the Lion’s Gateway. You become a Beacon of Light to the Word.

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Create a Boundless Reality

By Shanta Gabriel | Jul 30, 2020 |

    Dear Ones, As long as life is unfolding moment to moment in constant change, you may feel as though you have lost your grounded presence on Earth. This can be disconcerting when you believe you need that solid foundation to function at a high level in your earthly endeavors. This is a belief…

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8 Suggestions for a Life in Transition

By Shanta Gabriel | Jul 20, 2020 |

With life surprising us at every turn, guidelines to create comfort, clarity and confidence can be useful. To support you, I’ve created a list of Suggestions for Life in Transition.

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New Transitions in Life

By Shanta Gabriel | Jul 14, 2020 |

  Dear Ones, When Change is your only constant, know that your Soul is on a voyage to fulfill its highest destiny. You can cooperate or resist the process, but it is inevitable. Perhaps you are being asked to move and you don’t want to move to another home. Remember that whenever your Soul is…

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Seeding the Fields of Pure Potential

By Shanta Gabriel | Jun 24, 2020 |

  When we see the incredible differences in which people now live, it is a wonder there is agreement anywhere with anyone. There is a chasm between belief systems that seems impossible to cross. And yet there is a yearning within our souls for connection, and at the core of our being a desire for…

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Riding the Big Waves of the Eclipse Portal

By Shanta Gabriel | Jun 19, 2020 |

  Surf’s Up Friends,   The eclipse energy is revving up and many people are experiencing the emotional upheaval of this time. It is so easy to grab hold of our emotional states and take them very personally because they are personal. They reflect a lifetime of experiences, such as the betrayals, losses, unfairness, adversities,…

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