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The Gabriel Message CardsWith thousands of people around the world enjoying these cards for more than 25 years, the messages continue to birth a new depth of Peace and Heart-Centered awareness, just as they were originally intended by Archangel Gabriel in 1990. He said these messages would bring Peace to Earth one person at a time.

This is still true! Even though it is a common saying now, in 1990 it was new. And that is the way these messages from Archangel Gabriel have always been, ahead of their time in a transformational way that touches hearts.

The Gabriel Message Cards are deeply empowering and have a mystical ability to offer you exactly what you most need to hear. There are even times when you will choose the same card over and over, reminding you that the message is one of major importance.

This collection of 56 inspired messages from Archangel Gabriel ignites the spark of hope in the heart of those seeking peace in their lives. The cards empower readers with compassionate words of wisdom and deep inspiration so relevant during these changing times.

These messages are designed to offer you an expanded perspective of life. They are practical, inspirational, and beloved by thousands around the globe.

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With your purchase, we're gifting you my Archangel Gabriel Guided Meditation (mp3), a beautiful meditation from my Archangel Study Program Set.

When you buy a card set for yourself or loved ones, you bring new levels of Peace into the hearts of people the world over. Consider buying an extra set or two so you can give a card to those you think could benefit from the beautiful energy and deep transmission in the message.

 To purchase more than four sets, contact Shanta to order. Discounts will be provided.
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When you buy 4 sets, you may also choose one of these gifts:


1) A 3-month membership to our Compassionate Wisdom Circle (value $99) OR

2) A 30-minute remote energy healing session for your pet from Lana Walker at Lana is a business communicator who serves on my team. She's also a talented energy healer!

What people are saying...


I love The Gabriel Message Cards. I carry my set with me in my briefcase and use it frequently during the day for myself or to share with other people. It is such a delight to have other people take a card and discover the miracle of it speaking exactly to them and their personal situation. I love being able to give the card to someone to keep when they have drawn one that just lights up their life. That is why so many of my friends have two sets, one to keep and one to give away, card by card!

K.D., Attorney at Law

When I need guidance I am open to whatever rings true. My wife suggested that I choose a card from your set. I become quiet and ask for clear guidance, pull a card and read its instruction. This becomes my inner mantra and through it I learn that peace can be present in both clear and troubled waters. J.H.

Reading these cards gives me strength and hope for the future and adds meaning to the present. D.M.P.

I have three sets of your cards, which I adore and use daily. I have a set sitting in a crystal bowl on my coffee table in the middle of the living room. Everyone who comes into my home picks one up and is always blessed by the message. They are truly inspired and inspiring to all who come into contact with them. D.R.

My mom and I both seem to pick the card with the same words on it over and over. It happens on more mornings that I can remember. I know there are 56 cards in the set, but the repetitive appearance is a reminder to me of the mystical in this world. That is something I learned from my mom. R.U.

Your cards arrived today. Thank you. I feel the power of God surge through me as a chill when I read your inspiring messages. C.L.

As a storeowner, I always keep a sample set of your cards by the register. I have to keep opening new sets because I let people take the card they pulled with them. It is hard to ask for it back when they have tears in their eyes! L.G.

These cards are the fastest selling product ever introduced in my store in its nine-year history. I can hardly keep them from “flying” out the door. M.J.

Your message card sets play a significant part of our company meeting ritual. We ask each person to randomly select a card. It is always profound. The energy they bring is truly healing and guiding. I have sent your profound thanks on the inner planes, it is wonderful to fax you this as well. S.S.

I wanted to express to you what a joy your cards are in my life. I use them on a daily basis and they bring something special to my life by helping my focus my consciousness in a way that’s very comfortable and positive. Thank you for being willing to let the Angels speak through you in such a profound way. W.B.

We use your message cards in our twelve-step program. People carry a heavy weight when they begin but that is where the Angels and your card set come in. They set them free! Your card messages set us in right motion and we can feel the “wind beneath our wings!” Then they lift us up and set us free to ascend to heights we never dreamed possible. They are powerfully insightful. U.N.K.

I want to thank you for your beautiful card set. Every day during my mother’s passing, we chose a card together. They never failed to open our hearts and bring us Light and Inspiration. P.C.

I want you to know the cards are always on point every time. I work closely with archangel Gabriel as well. I can see what you do is the vibrational frequency of his energetic pool. T.R.

"Reading these cards gives me strength and hope for the future and adds meaning to the present."