The Gabriel Messages Online Book and Cards

A Web-based version of the book and cards

This collection of 56 inspired messages from Archangel Gabriel ignites the spark of hope in the heart of those seeking peace in their lives, empowering readers with compassionate words of understanding and healing during these challenging times.

Message 33From the moment we introduced the Web version of the Gabriel Message Cards back in 2010, thousands of people came to the site to receive their message for the day. Most people stayed on the site and played with the cards, choosing a number of the 56 available options to see which messages would come to them.

Now, along with viewing the card, you can read the entire deeply spiritual and insightful message from Archangel Gabriel. These messages are designed to offer you an expanded perspective of life, and they also offer you a way of practicing the suggestions offered in the cards.

The Gabriel Message Cards are very powerful and seem to have a certain mystical ability to offer you exactly what you most need to hear. There are times when you will even choose the same card over and over reminding you that the message you received was one of major importance to your life at this time.

With the online version available for The Gabriel Messages Book and Cards you have the ability to access them on your computer, smartphone or other device whenever the need is apparent — very convenient, and still with the same potent message of Truth and Awareness for your day. When you hold an intention before you choose a message, you can be sure that the one you receive speaks directly to your situation.

Deeply personal as well as practical, each of the messages offers suggestions the reader can apply immediately in their lives to gain emotional and spiritual balance. Use this book of timeless wisdom to receive messages of personal guidance, understanding and truth that reaches deeply, to your very soul.

What Readers Say…

The Gabriel Messages are an eloquent journey into spirit and a beautiful way for seeing the world of spirit as it applies to your life.”
–LYNN ANDREWS, teacher and author of The Medicine Woman Series

“Uplifting and timely guidance from Archangel Gabriel for this new century of rapid change and spiritual enlightenment. Shanta Gabriel has created a lovely book of daily messages to live a full, loving, guided life.”
–DEVRA ANN JACOBS, public relations, literary agent, editor of Kinetics Magazine

“The Gabriel Messages encourage us to see life from an expanded perspective. From this place we remember we are never alone, and there is assistance to choose a life of abundant peace and happiness.”
–WALLY AMOS, cookie maker, lecturer, children’s literacy advocate

“Like a comforting whisper in the dark during a fearful moment, these messages soothe and support the heart and soul – and serve as a powerful reminder that we are held by a force of love that is greater than anything we might ever imagine.”

The Gabriel Messages codified for me all the spiritual lessons I have learned in the last twenty years. It is such a useful tool.”
–ANN FARRIS, author, lecturer

The Gabriel Messages offer a wonderful array of angelic inspiration and purposeful practices for those seeking to bring balance and light into their lives!”
–HEIDI HOLLIS, author, lecturer

“No matter what my issue has been, I can open this book anywhere and The Gabriel Messages has been almost magical in its ability to offer the perfect, inspirational and appropriate message for me in that moment. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking guidance in these times.”
–K.I., California

“Your book has inspired me in SO many ways. It is truly one of the most beautiful and soul-loving pieces of literary delight that I have ever read. I have been searching for something to fill the empty places in my heart and your book is accessed. Bravo to you and your profound insight into the trueness of life.”
–P.K., Illinois


Enjoy the Gabriel Messages Online Book and Cards

The Gabriel Messages Online Book and Cards
The Gabriel Messages Online Book and Cards
Online version of The Gabriel Messages book and message cards. These 56 inspired messages provide instant practical wisdom, encouragement and insight!
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