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Shanta Gabriel - Mt Shasta California

If you landed on this page, there is a good chance you are fascinated by the idea of the Archangels. You may have had experiences with angels as a child or discovered that you had an amazing sensitivity to Nature, or even to other people's feelings. Maybe  you were told that you were too thin-skinned, or over-emotional when confronted with situations in the world around you. For some of you, it may have felt like you did not belong in your family of origin.

If so, I can relate having spent most of my life feeling like an alien on Earth, and being considered strangely different than others. But now in this 5th Dimensional doorway, things have really changed. We are gathering our Soul's community and creating a Web of Light around the planet that joins heart-centered beings. Your differences are your most sacred gifts!

(You can learn about my personal initiation with the Archangels here.)

  • Did you know that this is an especially blessed time, when the veils between Heaven and Earth can be opened to you?
  • Did you know that the Archangels are invested in your evolution and are available for you to interact with?
  • Have you wanted to create a more personal relationship with the Angelic Dimensions and did not know how to go about that?

That is why I have dedicated my life to bridging Heaven and Earth by sharing the teachings I have been receiving from the Archangels.

From the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 more Divine Light has descended to the Earth than ever in history, creating the greatest awakening of consciousness of all time. Since 2012 the dimensions have been shifting to allow all of us more access to the realms of Light where we can receive more Illumination, Peace, Love and Wellbeing.

This often requires a new way of perceiving the world that we are living in, one that allows for the magic of synchronicities to inspire us, and more faith to guide us.

But we are definitely not alone in the process. And that is why I am so excited to open the way to recreate your life using the power of Divine Light. This has been true not only in my life but in the lives of all humanity.

The Archangels have opened new doors to your freedom and to your ability to receive from the Divine Essence they represent for your life. I would love to share that inspired Wisdom and Support with you.

There are special ways that you can receive more of this Light filled presence in your life through our work together.

  • My private sessions can inspire new hope in your life and offer Creative Solutions that you may not have imagined.
  • Our empowering  membership group meets every full moon for a private teleconference along with other special offerings to let you know you are never alone and how empowering group energy can be.
  • Quarterly group spiritual practice brings more clear purpose and meaning into your life and lets you have a personal experience of Divinity working in and through you.
  • If you desire to have me work with you privately as a mentor, I would be so honored to be with you in the 3-month Soul Alignment Intensive Program.
  • My Sunday Inspiration of the Week is a delightfully inspiring way to begin your week
  • I also have The Gabriel Messages Book and Cardset so you can commune with Archangel Gabriel in your own time.
  • There are beautiful guided meditations and other products that allow you to be inspired and feel more guided and protected in daily life.

I offer you my personal invitation to come into this beautiful space at the base of Mt. Shasta, the sacred mountain, whether on line, in a group or person to person, you will find a new expanded perception that will open new doorways to a happier, more fulfilling life.


Shanta Gabriel"Shanta is a gifted, creative spiritual counselor with full knowledge of a variety of philosophies and practices. Intuitive, personable, and caring would be her characteristics that I value most. She is the most non-intrusive guide through the universe of one’s inner being that I have ever known. Each day, I am gratified to have worked with her, as the 'work' still continues."


Shanta Gabriel is an author, teacher and healer, whose life is devoted to Bridging Heaven and Earth. She began her studies with an Indian Shaktipat master of the ancient Science of Sound in 1977, Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas.  It is from this beginning point at the ashram, with the inspired ancient practices she received and has used in 40 years of training, that she offers to others in her programs.

Her work with the Archangels began in 1988. She shares this work through alignment, immersion, and transmissions from the Archangels through her classes, membership groups and private sessions. Her mission is to facilitate and invite people into a direct experience of Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love.

For more information about her classes, private sessions and products, visit her site at www.ShantaGabriel.com.



Video Introduction


Spiritual Background

Following a spiritual awakening in 1975, Shanta set out on a quest to find her true purpose in life. After studying holistic health and medicinal herbs in the Sierras, she read the Autobiography of a Yogi by Parahamsa Yogananda.  After praying for a teacher while snowed in one winter, she had a vision of beautiful hands at the end of a pathway. One week later she met her guru, Dhyanyogi Madhusudandas, in 1977.

After spending years with him and in his ashrams, she wanted to find ways that she could bring her spirituality into the world. In 1983 she moved with her new husband to Hawaii and began mentorship with an Hawaiian healer, but by 1987 she found herself seeking deeper work and prayed for a her soul's purpose to open to her.

Then in 1988, while going through major transitions in her personal and spiritual life, she was surprised by an extraordinary visit from Archangel Michael that ignited her journey with Archangels and empowered her healing work for the Light Activation Healing that she does now.

In 1990 her Light-filled, heart-melting visitation from Archangel Gabriel began a relationship that spawned two books, multiple tools for spiritual growth, and a variety of programs that she facilitates in person and on-line.

From the beginning of her association with Archangel Gabriel, the messages Shanta received involved bridging Heaven and Earth by bringing Divine Light through the chakra system. This not only blended the most eternal Divine aspects but also the most authentic human aspects of a person to create a new crystalline being that can thrive in the New Life Awakening on the planet now. Divine Light is the substance which now can be used as a tool of co-creation with the masters and beings from the Angelic Dimensions, and it is these tools that Shanta shares in all her work.

Along with teaching about the Archangels, Shanta emphasizes the awakening power of Light Field Technology to transform our lives on every level. She believes that every individual came to Earth during this time for a reason and the Archangels not only want us to achieve our goals and intentions, they can help us do it more gracefully. As an elder in the new world we are creating together, Shanta’s gift is to assist people with raising their energy frequency so they can live a life that is healthier, happier and more fulfilling.

Through her Inspiration for the Week, private sessions, group spiritual practices, membership and classes, she shares her 40-year spiritual practice and experiences gleaned from the her long life path to support others in their spiritual awakening.

Read her story, My Initiation With the Archangels.

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