The World Needs Beacons of Light ~ Including You

Dive into a focused immersion into Light — featuring instruction from master teacher Shanta Gabriel, with inspired teachings and transmissions from the Archangels of Light. To empower your ascension process, our program offers recordings from the live classes, guided meditations from each Archangel represented in the chakra system, inspiring study materials, 2 live Zoom calls, access to Shanta by email for Q&A, and spiritual community.

Home Study Program
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The Seven Chakras

The Transformative Chakra Teachings of the Archangels

I am delighted to present our course on the Spiritual Light Centers, known in yogic traditions as Chakras. This work draws from deep experience receiving inspiration and guidance from Archangels + over 40 years as a practicing yogi.

My Indian guru taught this profound truth: There is nothing as transformative for us, our society and the world as group spiritual practice.

Because all who join this study program create a community of souls who are gathered to study the same spiritual practices, it becomes a dedicated group who use the same intentions. Even though we are each in our own personal time, this dedication creates and expansive web of Light allowing each of us to be empowered to higher frequencies.

At this pivotal time in history,we will join with like-minded seekers-finders in spiritual community. And guided by the Archangels, we will share in revealed practices to empower these inner portals with Divine Light.

When we dedicate our time with sincere spiritual intention, higher frequencies can be attained, enlightening ourselves individually + transmitting blessings of truth, peace, love, compassion, and justice to our communities, our countries and the world.

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Open to the guidance of the Archangels and let your light shine!

Wisdom traditions throughout the ages have understood that our human bodies contain portals of light that can open us to experience our highest self. And we are blessed with Archangels, whose mission it is to help us open these doors.

The spiritual portals of light, known in Yoga as the chakras, literally connect us with our highest soul reality. With the help of Archangels, we may purify these centers and clear karmic bonds, freeing us to soar beyond our self-imposed limitations.

Have you noticed how foundational structures are rapidly changing? It feels as though we are losing our normal frames of reference. This is because shifting frequencies are opening new doors and closing others.

Life becomes more fluid and graceful when we learn how to work in these new energy frequencies. We are literally creating lives of wellbeing in a new Earth vibration with Divine Light!

Throughout the program, we'll use Light Field Technology.™ Though it may sound complicated, it is a simple system inspired by Archangel Gabriel that teaches us to thrive in the new Light frequencies.

The Archangels teach us the deeper meaning of the living frequencies of Light in each chakra. And you will learn how to use this energy to gain a greater sense of wholeness and create more flexible foundations for life.

The program includes 14 powerful recordings. In each of seven classes held in the live 2020 program, I channel a different Archangel. You will also receive seven beautiful Archangel guided meditations to give you a personal experience of the transmissions that each Archangel offers.

Study materials are provided to anchor your understanding and your ability to work with each Archangel personally.

The result? When you are attuned to these Light frequencies:

  • You feel deeply supported.
  • You have the spiritual connections to call high vibrational frequencies into your body to bring fulfillment and meaning to daily life.
  • You will have a direct personal experience of the exalted qualities of consciousness each Archangel represents

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Chakra 3

The beauty of our program is that it allows us to deeply immerse ourselves in each of the chakras, and create a personal connection to the Archangel within that energy center.

Our Program Format

Personal guidance

I will be your partner and guide throughout your program. I will be available through email, and special activation conversations by appointment. 

Together, we can anchor the transcendence of the Archangel transmissions to create a structure of Well-being within us — and also be a blessing for the Earth.

Experiential transmissions

At the end of each recorded gathering, a guided meditation provides an experiential transmission of the Archangel’s energy signature. As you relax and receive these transmissions, you become familiar with each of these beings of Light, creating an ever-deepening experience of a personal connection with each one. This allows you to embody your divinity in a more empowered way.

We will be walking together through the realms of angels, bringing their blessings into daily life. As we anchor their unique frequencies within us, these profound qualities of Divine Consciousness will also bless the world.

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The Archangels are showering us with grace and assistance. Their sole intent is to help each of us realize our glowing potential. It is available to you, to anyone who has the desire and will to make spiritual effort to attain it.

A Deep Immersion and Experiential Alignment

This series is an experiential alignment that bridges Heaven to Earth.

We'll begin by creating a connection to the Earth Star, creating a powerful connection to the Heart of the Mother of the Earth. From there, we have the grounded presence needed to expand through the upper chakras, culminating with our deep connection to our Highest Self in the Soul Star.

We'll play with the sounds and colors encoded into each of the chakras, and use the frequencies in powerful, focused ways. By then connecting the teachings and transmissions of the Archangels with Hatha Yoga, we are encoding our physical energy systems with the subtle etheric flows that are within us to guide our pathways on Earth.

Have you longed to have a personal relationship with the Angels of Light? Would you like to have a clearly defined spiritual practice to assist your ascension process? Would you enjoy having a dedicated program to focus on during this new year that is already very different than any other we have experienced?

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Together we can make a difference in our own lives, and bless the world with Divine Light at the same time. Come and join this inspired home study program now!

"Your work is exquisite and glorious. It has helped me to heal, strengthen and renew my entire beingness at this incredible and important time for our planet and for humanity. Thank you to the Archangels!"

Chakra 4

Join Me and the Archangels

Let us work as beacons of bright light!

In spiritual practice, we help raise the vibration of our communities and the world, so needed now!

If you feel a call in your heart, I invite you to pay attention to the inner nudge from the Archangels.

I have taught this program for many years, and practiced the teachings since 1992. The live 2020 class was accelerated and highly potent with transmissions from the Archangels represented in the chakras. The class recordings were distinctive in their ability to inspire and uplift your energy system to bring you a personal relationship with the Archangels of Light.

Again, the program includes:

  • Archangel meditation audios to download
  • Live class recordings from 2020 to download. Each recorded conference call ends in a group meditation to integrate high frequencies of the Archangels into your energy system
  • An abundance of supportive materials, such as_simple_yoga postures to strengthen each chakra, breath practices, and inspiring information about each Archangel.
  • 2 Live Zoom calls to be held in February and March to ground our work together, and for you to ask questions.
  • Priority email access to me to answer any questions you may have.

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"You are a magnificent teacher. So much loveliness, tenderness and kindness in your sharing of ancient information. The guided meditation that flows from your beingness is balm for the heart. You inspire me Shanta. Thank you for this precious gift. It is a Blessing to take this journey with you."