Welcome. I'm Shanta Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Messages.

For decades I've drawn inspiration and guidance from the angelic dimensions. I've also studied with some of the world's greatest wisdom teachers.

My life's mission is to bring Heaven to Earth using Divine Light. I believe we are here to create peace in our own lives and in our communities.

I'm at your service and look forward to supporting your journey.

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How I can assist your journey...

I offer many ways for us to work together, including private sessions, readings, personal mentoring, group spiritual practices, a membership circle, guided meditations, and more!

Namaste, (I see the Love in You)

We are in a time of massive change. The influx of Divine Light to the planet over the past 30 years has been the greatest in history. We are a part of this change because we are transmuting ourselves from density and confusion to high frequency people that radiate Light and Love to the world.

You and I are here — now — to use this amazing Light to add value to our own lives. Our Souls were trained to come to Earth at this specific time to be the leaders, healers and teachers for this time. And we are here to bring greater peace to the Earth through our personal evolution.

Do you feel that call? On my site, you’ll find the teachings and the training I have received for more than 40 years. I invite you to join me.

Many people I speak with are confused. Sometimes they feel breathless with the speed of life. Some feel helpless and without hope. This is why I dedicate my work to teaching tools for inner peace, using practical methods to be more resourceful during massive change. These simple techniques allow greater purpose and meaning, as well as more hope and freedom in your life.

What I’ve also discovered is the pure joy of working with a larger community of like-minded souls. There is power in group energy to achieve more than we can by ourselves. I feel the strength within each of us when we create a supportive space and dedicate our time together to the evolution of consciousness on the Earth, and to peace in our hearts. Not only do we foster greater harmony and peace on the planet, this allows us each to achieve our individual Soul’s purpose.

I believe our purpose is to use our sensitive hearts and minds to learn to anchor the empowered frequencies contained in Divine Light within our bodies. From a place of Divine Embodiment, we can recognize the love inherent in these states — and learn to come back to that place of peace again and again — our lives can lift off on wings of Light!

Simplicity, dedication to a higher purpose, and alignment with Source energy, these are tools for Higher Consciousness. This is how I live, and this is what I teach.

I invite you to join me in creating a peace-filled life. The exalted methods I will share with you transformed my life. I’ve been blessed to be taught by many amazing wisdom teachers, starting more than 40 years ago in Indian ashrams. The depth of experience achieved through living a spiritual life since those days in the 70s, has made me uniquely suited to provide a peaceful space, with a profound depth of support and wisdom for your highest Soul's destiny. With this, we can all live in harmony with the dimensional shift of the ages.

I invite you to join me so we may...

Walk in Beauty, live in Trust and Know the Benevolent Love of God guides your way.

I offer classes, private sessions, programs and membership groups to celebrate the Light together. Explore my About page and Offers & Services to learn more.

Once again, welcome!

What people are saying

"I'm looking forward to the Anusthan! I also want to thank you for the daily inspiration I get from the Gabriel Messages cards! They've been a source of upliftment in a very helpful way, and in addition to the cards, you've offered many very helpful tools and inspiration to those around the planet who want to blossom in light and divinity! Thank you for the commitment you've had to bringing such good to everyone!"

"I deeply appreciate and am impressed with the magnificent and transformative work you do. I applaud you for your tremendous commitment to serve others and your work to make a positive, profound difference in the world!"

"The advice, teachings, tools, and lessons you've shared with me in combination with the warmth, patience, kindness, love, light and humor of you and your delivery are true blessings for me. I feel almost like I've been on a spiritual path 'fast-track' style and it's absolutely amazing."


"Thank you for your gentle, loving, and powerful words of wisdom that transmute energy, into its highest form. From a distance, you have been one of my greatest teachers. You're the only woman who isn't African American, whose emails I keep in my SoulSistahs folder, because you are pure soul, you transcend race (and what a wonderful world it would be...)"

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Reader Comments

"Thank you Shanta for this gift from the angelic realms. Your generous heart and soul is experienced in each of your writings!"

"I would like to say how grateful I am to read your weekly inspiration pieces every week and how they inspire and uplift at the changing times!"

"I simply love this newsletter and have read it several times. Your words are so inspiring, comforting and filled with the energies of unconditional love. So so good and wonderful for the Soul."

"This spoke right to my heart. So so many past patterns coming up that I believed were so far in my past they would never come back up.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful words of wisdom. And reminders of how to greet them from a neutral place."