Welcome. I'm Shanta Gabriel, author of The Gabriel Messages.

For decades I've drawn inspiration and guidance from the angelic dimensions. I've also studied with some of the world's greatest wisdom teachers.

My life's mission is to bring Heaven to Earth using Divine Light. I believe we are here to create peace in our own lives and in our communities.

I'm at your service and look forward to supporting your journey.

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“Shanta Gabriel is a gifted, inspired and utterly authentic healer of the heart. In her presence, I experienced the reality of the Divine. I deeply salute the immense contribution she is making. Shanta is a true blessing, and she will touch your soul.” —ALAN COHEN, Author, Teacher, Inspirational Speaker

"The world is forever blessed by your courage to Shine..."

"The advice, teachings, tools, and lessons you've shared with me in combination with the warmth, patience, kindness, love, light and humor of you and your delivery are true blessings for me. I feel almost like I've been on a spiritual path 'fast-track' style and it's absolutely amazing."

How I can assist your journey...

I offer many ways for us to work together, including private sessions, readings, personal mentoring, group spiritual practices, a membership circle, guided meditations, and more! 

NEW! Archangel Home Study Program

Dive into a focused immersion into Light — featuring instruction from master teacher Shanta Gabriel, with inspired teachings and transmissions from the Archangels of Light. Our program offers recordings from live classes, guided meditations from each Archangel represented in the chakra system, inspiring study materials, live Zoom calls, access to Shanta by email for Q&A, and spiritual community.

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Reader Comments...

"Thank you Shanta for this gift from the angelic realms. Your generous heart and soul is experienced in each of your writings!"

"I would like to say how grateful I am to read your weekly inspiration pieces every week and how they inspire and uplift at the changing times!"

"I simply love this newsletter and have read it several times. Your words are so inspiring, comforting and filled with the energies of unconditional love. So so good and wonderful for the Soul."

"This spoke right to my heart. So so many past patterns coming up that I believed were so far in my past they would never come back up.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful words of wisdom. And reminders of how to greet them from a neutral place."