Today more than 7 billion people walk the continents of Earth. Every day we face news reports about the separation of families, neighbors, countries, religions and even entire races. Without an acute awareness of the true nature of our world, we could easily lose sight of the possibility for human beings to live in peace, harmony and abundance.

If our goal is to see such bliss made manifest in our individual and collective lives, how might we contribute to achieving such an earthly paradise? I believe we can begin by looking beyond the outer shell of our human form to that golden light that connects Heaven and Earth. Moving past the restricting thought-forms of the outer world, we can sense the inner pulse of Life and know its purest nature.

The Higher Power that stands behind all creation has been called many names. This infinite principle of light and wisdom shines through each of us regardless of our birth, level of understanding, or current place in our soul’s journey. And when we consciously seek to touch the hem of spiritual greatness, we join with the ultimate universal Presence.

Through the ages great philosophers have spoken of the benefits of group prayer and meditation. A critical mass of dedicated people uniting to bring heavenly Light into their lives cannot fail to produce tangible blessings in the overall human experience. These blessings, and even miracles, multiply though Universal Love, and flow out to connect the body, mind and spirit of the prayer-giver with the planet’s spiritual energy.

The very Earth is a manifestation of heavenly design and purpose and I see our mission in physical life as being a channel for helping to bring Heaven to Earth. Each day we have the opportunity to share in this glorious undertaking through the choices we make in thought, word and action. Seeking daily inspiration to help us make the optimal choices for our highest good is the first step.

Prayer is a very personal matter. Each person prays in the way that is most comfortable. For me the first step to finding spiritual direction is to ask for a purely positive quality of energy to be with me–such as Divine Love, Joy or Peace–for this will attract these qualities to me. Next I form a specific question about my current condition, need or desire. I ask in general terms for as the apostle Matthew said, “Ask and it shall be given unto you.” Knowing the vision of God is greater than mine, I ask for a perfect outworking in each situation, for the greatest good of all concerned.

You may find The Gabriel Messages a helpful focus for quiet prayer times and meditation. They are easy to understand and may be used in a variety of ways. Whenever a situation develops which requires an expanded perspective for resolution, hold this thought in your mind and open the book anywhere. The message on the page you opened will guide your thoughts in a new, helpful direction. At times you may not be seeking a particular answer to some challenge, but may feel a need for heightened spiritual awareness. You may be worried about a loved one or a friend. Or you may need to focus your energy on a specific task throughout a busy day. Whatever your need may be, the message you choose can help bring the peace, comfort and tangible direction you require to apply to your current situation.

It is my wish to encourage each person to pray and meditate in their own way every day. The Light and Love of God’s Presence touches our lives moment by moment. When our intention is only to receive that which is in the highest good for ourselves and all concerned, we will attract to us that which will best serve this purpose.

May those who read The Gabriel Messages be blessed to live in harmony, joy, peace and abundance. Through God’s Grace may all beings achieve the highest good for all of Creation.