The Power of Intention

There are moments in our lives when declaring our intention becomes life defining. It is different than reciting our material goals. Intention draws to us the qualities we want manifested in our lives. It has been said that we can know our intentions by the results we see around us. The power of intention works whether it is conscious or not. During this time of accelerated growth and planting of seeds, making a conscious statement about what qualities we are choosing for our lives is paramount.

Many years ago I was taught an ancient statement called the Diamond Covenant of Moses which states to the Universe, “I will do whatever is impressed upon me without a shadow of a doubt.” It calls to our Angels to bring messages about our lives into a stronger statement of being. This means asking for clarity and strength in the inner guidance we are receiving all the time.

When we can direct our intention into a greater level of planetary service, or into qualities such as Wisdom, Joy and Peace, the vibrational frequency around us quickens. This not only enriches our lives directly, it affects the amount of Light on the planet from moment to moment.

Once we make a statement of Intention to the Universe, this clarity of focus is released. It begins to work in the energy around us and manifest directly in our world. An intention is like the arrow sent directly to the Creator of our lives. When we create a powerful statement, it is doing our part as if pulling back the string of the bow and releasing our arrow to manifest the creative solutions we are truly capable of. Never before has there been a time when the Power of Intention is so strong. Know in your heart that all your needs are met with grace and ease. Be very clear about what you willing to give back to a Universe for a life filled with Good.

Do not forget the grace that comes with gratitude. Remember to give thanks for the wondrous gift of life. All that you give is blessed and returned to you multiplied. Clarify your intentions. Make a covenant with God now. The Angels await your call to action.