The Gabriel Message CardsThe Gabriel Message "Virtual" Cards are available online to provide support and guidance. These messages come to you from the Angelic Dimensions to bring an enlightened perspective to your life’s experiences. You may choose a card to set an intention for the day, or to give guidance and clarity in times of indecision. Gabriel Messages always speak to the greater Truth in every situation.

Be guided to choose your card

To prepare to choose a card online, close your eyes, take a breath and consider a situation in your life that needs inspiration. As you exhale, know in your heart that you will receive the information appropriate for your highest good now. When ready, click **Choose a Card** (this link is also in the sidebar and top menu bar).

Next, read the expanded message, which provides suggestions you can apply immediately in your life to gain emotional and spiritual balance.

Pay special attention to those cards that come to you repeatedly. They hold a special message needed by you at the time. A message may be chosen for loved ones as well as yourself.