Celebration of the Twelve Holy Nights – Part 2

The Twelve Holy Nights – Part 2


Now seven days past the Solstice, we are beginning to see the days lengthening as the sunlight grows stronger. Perhaps we are also seeing more clarity in our minds, as the opening into Divine Light continues. The process of the Twelve Nights is marking this in an amazing way as we light the different colored candles each night and the light is expanding in the candle-lit Sacred Space we have created. The Holy Nights are the window between the Solar and Lunar calendars and offer us a special window in time when the veils between the dimensions lift.

We have honored the human capacity to grow in consciousness and welcome the Divine presence into our beings. We have remembered to thank our Guardian Angels who protect us, share our lives, and intervene on our behalf for the sake of our soul. We have felt great gratitude to the expansiveness of the Archangels who hold all the nations and communities of the world in Love and Well-being, so we may truly create Peace on Earth.

Our perspective is being encouraged to stay very universal during this expansive period of time, when windows are opening to Divine Grace and Wisdom.

December 27

Now on the Fourth Night of Christmas, we open to the mysterious world of the Archai, who are the Spirits of Time. These expansive beings watch over the great ages, as we move into the Age of Freedom. Archangel Michael is a regent of the Archai and offers us extra strength and protection at this time.

Ruled by Sagittarius, representing humanity as half animal nature and half discerning human. This is the archer who parts the veil into the spiritual world to develop the purified physical body. The virtue is Self-discipline, the ability to know restraint, holding the tongue in order to develop inner stillness.

The color of the candle is Red-Violet. We remember back in time to September to think of our lessons learned and our accomplishments.

With love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of Sagittarius,
Inspiring human souls to attain the goal of evolution.
We receive from you the great teaching that
Self-discipline – in thought, speech and action –
Leads to knowledge of the truth.

Archai, the great Time Spirits, who guide Age upon Age to attain fulfillment, seeking the eternal within the temporal, kin to the gnomes (the elementals of the Earth), let us behold you.


December 28

On the Fifth Night, we move into the 2nd Hierarchy, the Creator Beings, and we honor the Exousiai, the masters of Form. Also called the Elohim who are the spirits of Sacred Geometry, we send love and gratitude to these great beings who hold form together creating the beauty of snowflakes, trees, flowers, crystals. We hold the empowered Scorpio presence of death and resurrection.

We learn the virtue of Patience leading to Insight. As we learn to wait, we begin to see. When we push, we cannot see.

The candle lit is the color Blue-Violet. We remember back to the month of August honoring the power of that time, the lessons we were learning and the future we were creating.

With love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of Scorpio,
Guardians of the mysteries of death and resurrection,
We receive from you the great teaching that Patience –wisdom that is paired with will power – leads to the gift of spiritual insight.

Exousiai, Spirits of Form, harmonizing through sound; you gave yourselves as a garment for the incarnating Word. Through your breath we restore the Temple entrusted to us. Let us behold you.


December 29

On the Sixth Holy Night, we honor the Dynamis, the Spirits of Movement. As creation moves, the calcification is turned into breathless fluidity. It is a time of Libra, holding the scales of Justice and Balance. The virtue is Contentment which leads to Equanimity.

As we light the Purple candle, we say the following prayer and remember our month of July to honor that time in our year.

With love we turn to the Cosmic Beings in the realm of Libra,
Who uphold justice and maintain equilibrium,
Who guide us to walk the path of righteousness.
We receive from you the great teaching that
Contentment, peace that passeth understanding,
Bestows the blessing of Equanimity.”

Dynamis, Spirits of Movement, bearers of the boundless power of God, who drew the human souls from the starry heavens, and gave it motion, let us behold you.

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  1. Caite on December 24, 2018 at 10:51 am

    again Shanta…your journeys go deep into my heart…thank you…I LOVE sharing your work!

  2. Fort on December 24, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    Thank you Shanta.Inspiring visions bring healing,warmth and light.Thank you for the reminder of how potent these nights are.May yours be filled with peace and graced with divine love.

    • Shanta Gabriel on December 26, 2016 at 9:54 am

      Thank you Fort. It is truly a blessed experience that feels steeped in tradition and expansive openings into many realms. May your new year support you in every way. Love to you, Shanta

  3. Joan Woodcock on December 28, 2015 at 2:56 pm

    Thank you thank you thank you Shanta. Blessings to you at this wondrous time.

    • Shanta Gabriel on December 28, 2015 at 2:57 pm

      I am glad you are enjoying this Joan, it feels special to me as well. love Shanta

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