Anusthan for the Holidays

Message from Archangel Gabriel – Spaciousness – 1/9/2017

Day 9 – New Year’s Anusthan The energy feels more scattered for me today. We have seen during this spiritual practice that whatever I have been experiencing, others are as well. If you are also feeling too diffuse, that means that this is a good time to pull yourself inward energetically, stay in Alignment and…

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The Anusthan ~ Day 4

On the fourth day of this Anusthan practice, I am finding inspiration coming quickly and easily, and life is moving in expanded ways. I am being shown that everything we do during the Anusthan is blessed and multiplied. That means every prayer, blessing and our empowered intentions are being carried into the world through our…

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The Anusthan for the Holidays ~ Day 3

  Once again, I have been awakened early in the morning as if it is time to get up and start the practice. I am OK with that idea but today it was 2:30 am and that seemed too early, especially since the time I set for my anusthan is 6:45. I like the inner…

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The Anusthan for the Holidays – Day 2

Day 2 of the Anusthan brought me awake early, excited to begin another day. I began with some breathing and the ever inspiring Heaven to Earth alignment from Archangel Gabriel. After that I could feel my frequencies had raised so much that I was sinking into meditation.

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The Anusthan – Day 1

Today I began my eleven-day Anusthan practice. My major dedication for this practice is Birthing Light Within, and this is the focus for the group that is joining me from all around the world. On a personal level, I am also praying for myself and others to empower the completion in the Divine Purpose of the work we are doing in the world as our sacred mission.

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