The Anusthan ~ Day 4

Guide - Anusthan for the Holidays

On the fourth day of this Anusthan practice, I am finding inspiration coming quickly and easily, and life is moving in expanded ways. I am being shown that everything we do during the Anusthan is blessed and multiplied. That means every prayer, blessing and our empowered intentions are being carried into the world through our sacred practice.

Every time we light a candle with devotion, it carries the power of our prayers and blessings to light up the world. This is because intentions create living fields of Light.

Archangel Gabriel’s message today was about Grounded Presence. The practices I mentioned above are a part of this teaching. We are learning to have less separation in our worldly and sacred spiritual lives. As we create a ground for our spiritual practice, this intention expands through our energy system. It brings us integrity with with our Highest Self and the activations of our Soul.

Sacred Practice is becoming more fun as I feel more energized. I hope you are experiencing the same.

Love and Blessings, Shanta

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