A Private Retreat in Mount Shasta

Welcome to Mt. Shasta ~ The Base Chakra of the Earth Enjoy a fun, deeply Soul-connected, nourishing Personal Retreat in sacred one-on-one time with Shanta Gabriel. In Mt. Shasta’s alpine environment, you will be able to walk in a beautiful forest sanctuary. There are many beautiful places next to lakes, streams and waterfalls, where you…

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Solstice Retreat in Mt. Shasta

After receiving interest in my recent post about the Solstice Ceremony on Mt. Shasta, I decided to expand with more information about the Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat I led with Dharma Cohen on June 20-23. We created an amazing sacred space in the living room of the China Mountain Retreat House which looked out…

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Our Tsunami of Change

In these past few weeks, the energy has been so intense that at times I felt like I was jumping out of my skin. Coupled with the fact that I, like so many others, could not sleep well, led me to feel like I had landed in Zombieville. At the same time, all the wondrous…

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The Mt. Shasta Journal Continues from Shanta Gabriel

Mt. Shasta April 2013 Greetings from the Sacred Mountain, Today the sun is out and there are snow flurries. Nature is demonstrating the intensity of the energy I am experiencing — like the myriad possibilities of life swirling around me right now, and it is very bright! Since the Equinox there have been so many…

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Happy Earth Day

Greetings from Mt. Shasta. It is easy to see the abundant beauty of our Earth when visiting a place like this – pristine lakes, flowing water, and beautiful forests in the shadow of a magical sacred mountain. The people here honor the majesty of the land, and continue to work to make this a place…

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Celebrate the Solstice and Heal the Gulf!

Celebrate the Summer Solstice by joining Shanta Gabriel and Kelly Beard from, for a Free Teleconference tonite! Register for this class at the above link and receive an extra 15 minute added FREE to a regular 30 minute Angelic Life Path Reading. (A $45 value) Sign up by June 30! The Solstice is…

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Cleaning up our Psyche to help the Gulf

Dr. Emoto’s award winning experiments with water proved the power of our thoughts to impact water in what appeared to be, miraculous ways. Just placing words such as Peace and Love on top of a glass of water caused beautiful crystalline structures to manifest. The inverse was also true, when hateful, angry words were used,…

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