Now available for you is a monthly report I call New Moon Guidance. The New Moon is a time for new beginnings. Whatever you put into motion the first week of the month becomes your experience throughout the month.

New Moon Guidance is an inspired document with information about and guidance for your life on the Earth right now. My intention is to provide a resource for you that will enable you to chart your month with loving support.

It is so much easier to be at peace with yourself when you know that you aren’t the only one experiencing that perception or that emotion. In fact it may not even be yours because you are so sensitive to the energy, thoughts and feelings of others in the world. It is also easier to live in the world when you know that you are not alone but a part of a dedicated group of loving souls who support each other through life.

This New Moon Guidance is available every month for free through the Compassionate Wisdom Circle, but you can purchase it month to month here.

New Moon Guidance for April 22-May 22, 2020

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