A Teaching from Archangel Metatron


Dear Ones,

You are integrating the Light of Pure Consciousness into your human forms to create tools that will help you navigate the new frequencies of this year.

These are such different energies that you have been experiencing a backlash of responses from all your systems of communication. Teaching your human body/mind to integrate these energy frequencies is a project that takes commitment to your integration of Divinity through your being and into your life.

Creating a sanctuary within you provides a place of respite and solace from the intensity of the energies bombarding the Earth at this time. Many tools of Light have been provided by the Archangels and you are counseled to work with all you can easily assimilate.

Ease is the operative word, because what you most need will be provided as if by magic in a field of Pure Consciousness. Your job is to anchor and avail upon this place of Grace within you as often as necessary. In this way you will know that you are a part of a greater energy system that is working to assist you to feel supported, guided and inspired.

We are focused on Bridging Heaven and Earth, as you bring your divinity through your physical energy system to anchor on the Earth. The strength of the new energies around you at this time has so much connection to your integration of this deep awareness of your Divinity, that it is important that you now blend the new Sacred Masculine energy with the Divine Feminine you have been working with for some time.

There is a download being offered to you from the frequencies of the Divine Feminine that can provide for your conscious awakening in a way that will help you to ground the scattered energy you may be experiencing. This transmission calls forth the new Sacred Masculine structures to create the form to help you to feel very supported. This new platform allows you to stabilize as you anchor your Soul’s Gifts within your work in the world.

Your prayers help you to know and remember the direction you want to take as you navigate the flow of All Creation. Create a sanctuary within your heart to come home to. This inner Temple of Light within your heart helps you feel more balanced on an inner level. As you spend time here, you will be able to integrate Balance into your life so all aspects of your being can work to support you.

Within your inner Temple of Light, you can balance the hemispheres of the brain. You can also bring balance into the masculine/feminine energies of your Sacred Self at home in the new world of your creation.

The structures you are creating with Light will serve to help you create a new life that can hold Highest Source frequencies and mold them into a form that you can apply to support your daily life on all levels.

And thus you are blessed. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Metatron
January 30, 2018


beautiful message from Metatron, my crown was tingling as I was reading. So it works 😉


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