Dear Ones,

When the waves of change are upon you, as they inevitably are in this momentous time, come back to your breath. In that place, Divine Order prevails. There is Divinity living within the breath. It is said that God lives within the space of the inbreath and the outbreath. Breathing long calming breaths, Ease and Grace transpires as you breathe in and out, and so it goes throughout life.

There is a Divine Light shining through the center of all that is transpiring that includes the presence of Infinite Intelligence. This power of Divine Light knows what is needed for balance and to lift the vibrational frequencies to shift the appearance of discord. Light becomes a tool of consciousness when you use it with your focused intent, knowing that within it all there is Divine Order.

We are learning to surf the big waves, and you are more ready than you know. The intensified waves of change are affecting all people at this sacred time. You came on Earth with special gifts so you could hold the space of Peace that so many people are trying to find. You are the wayshower, an example of one living in harmony with your Soul. We each have the heart, the tools and all the requirements we need for us to remember that place of Love within your heart.

There is a Divine Order within all things. When you can remember this metaphysical truth within whatever you are experiencing, life will grow more Grace-filled. With these words you experience the Oneness that lives at the base of each experience. Your breath will assist you in providing enough detachment that you may be able to be more of a witness to all that is transpiring, without attachment or emotionality. It takes practice to come to the place where deep breath and prayer become your first line of awareness, but your intention to access that state of Equilibrium will go a long way to grounding your inspired action.

You are here to hold the frequencies of Divine Light. Life claims greater Order when you can come back to your breath in every moment, allowing the changes to occur, staying focused in the breath. Here you are resourceful.  Within the breath, you have access to the Temple of your Heart.In every moment there is contraction and expansion with your breath. Not attaching to the next breath, you are allowing the breath to flow through you, doing as it does, receiving and releasing.

The Beauty, Stability and Freedom you love is available in your heart, accessible by your breath. There is Oneness in this sacred place within your heart.  As you embrace and receive the state of Unity consciousness, Balance and Equanimity arise within you, along with a sense of Wholeness.

From Wholeness you can share with others, you can expand and acknowledge the multi-dimensionality of life, all occurring at once. Depending on your focus of attention, all is provided like a Banquet of Life. The choices are yours. When Life is in the momentous waves of change, turn your focus to the Light within it all and trust the Divine Order there. Recognize that your experience is incumbent upon your choices.

Your heart can provide a sanctuary, a place for a time out in the midst of change, a temple of Loving Kindness where you can receive, regroup and renew. Here you can find Order in the chaos if you allow yourself to breathe through it with Balance as your focus of intention.

Breathe within the sensations of speeding energy carried on the waves of change. This fast momentum can be exhilarating if you are in your body breathing through it, grounded while you ride the wave.

Through it all, as you are creating the new structures for your life, stay grounded as you use your focus of intentions to be more at peace with the momentum of change, you can find Balance in your heart with every breath.

You are asking to come together with people of like-mind and heart now. When you expand into this prayer for Soul Community, you are magnetic. Those will come who can help you to anchor the activated frequencies of multi-dimensional life. It is more fun to be a catalyst for change when you can share with people of like-hearted focus.

As you gather with others who are also remembering this Truth, it anchors Balance and Equanimity within all beings and on the Earth. As water seeks its level, you are the centers of Peace that all Life gravitates towards. It is there on the breath, in this holy instant, moment to moment.

All is well. You are Free. You are Blessed. Breathe it in. Be refreshed by its essence.

As you exhale Love, feel your world expand to embrace the new life within change. Thank you for being the keepers of Loving Presence within your hearts. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
May 14, 2019

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