Riding the Big Waves of the Eclipse Portal


Surf’s Up Friends,


The eclipse energy is revving up and many people are experiencing the emotional upheaval of this time. It is so easy to grab hold of our emotional states and take them very personally because they are personal. They reflect a lifetime of experiences, such as the betrayals, losses, unfairness, adversities, anger and grief.


These emotional states can take us away from our power within the present moment in a blink of an eye. We can allow the upheaval we see outside of us and are experiencing inside to take us into our own heightened tsunami version of inner turmoil.


We are at a choice point. Once we have been grabbed by the memories and chaos, it is more difficult to come into equanimity. The most resourceful tool for us to stay as neutral as we can, rest and find ways to take care of ourselves until this big eclipse wave passes


Having lived on the North Shore of Oahu for a number of years I experienced the famous big waves that reach that shore every winter. In the summer Waimea Bay was like a turquoise lake but in the winter surf contests were held when the waves reached over 35 feet. That is big wave surfing at its best.


We are in a similar place right now when self-protection is a key skill until after Monday when the intensity of the eclipse passes. The teachings of this time will be with us for more than 6 months but right now, take care of yourself until the waves pass..


During the big wave season in Hawaii, if you went into the water the riptides could take you out to sea very quickly. The smart thing to do was not go into the water. If you did go into the water when the waves were not so large, every now and then there would be a “rogue” wave that would appear without warning. The only way to survive in that situation was take a deep breath and  duck under water to let the wave pass over you. If you did not avoid the strong wave, you would be tumbled until there was no way of knowing if you were facing up or down. You could easily break your neck by hitting the bottom of the ocean floor.


I give you that Hawaiian analogy because that is where we are right now in the eclipse energies. Take care and protect yourself from the intensity of the world now. Be in Nature as much as possible and let yourself be soothed and grounded by the trees and flowing water.


As quickly as you can, allow yourself to detach from the mental and emotional turmoil. If you can let go of the movie that was your life, your inner spirit will be able to soar to new heights.


New Earth Energy


This year we are being introduced to the New Earth frequencies. I find it miraculous that recently God stopped the forward momentum that led to the destruction of the world to give us an opportunity to rethink, reframe and reset our lives for a new trajectory.


It is always necessary to clear out the old before the new creations can be birthed. What appears as outer chaos, in the Big Picture is the dismantling process of our old ways of behaving and relationship with the Earth. All the old, ugly, impure, destructive tendencies are blatantly being revealed.


We can choose not to participate in the destruction however, by not giving it our attention. When we do not focus on the outer world, we can stay in more equanimity and have the ability to bless the Earth and all peoples with the Light of Peace.


For our inner world we can also choose not to focus on the old destructive tendencies, the inner turmoil or fear. If we are sensitive souls and very empathic, this may be more difficult. That is when it is helpful to remember that what we are experiencing is not only personal, it is a temporary highlight of what we are changing in the world.


Yes, we have sorrow and old destructive tendencies in our past and all that old energy may be in our face now so we can clear it. The fastest way to do that is by taking our attention away from whatever emotional upheaval is being revealed. If we can take a walk, do Chi Kung or some other physical form of movement, very shortly we will find ourselves in the shallow, safe water again.


In the template being created for the New Earth, there is no space for us to take our old baggage with us. We are learning to be safe in the midst of the Big Wave energy so we can focus on what we would prefer to be experiencing.


This is a new learning experience for us and a moment to moment process, as we are creating new awareness,

staying conscious and grounded in our physical bodies.



No Time to Process Emotions


Learning to detach does not make us insensitive, passive and selfish. We are learning to have Fortitude so we can stay strong in our hearts. In this way we can be true to our priorities remembering what we value in order to bring about a peaceful world. We can instead focus on a life of freedom, wellbeing and heart-melting love.


Have deep compassion for all you are experiencing now. The energies are huge, unprecedented and powerful. Have the Faith to know that all that is going on is leading us all into a new level where working together in Compassion and Kindness is more important than competition; a place where supporting an Earth that gives us life is more important than exploitation; where dignity and wellbeing become crucial to inner wholeness within humanity’s future.


We are creating a life that is in harmony with our Divine Resources, trusting we are being guided, embraced with Love and nurtured into the blended being of Light we were meant to be as Homo Luminous (a term from the late visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard).


Focus on your health, wellbeing, and protecting yourself from outside influences that do not bring you a sense of peace. Bless the world with Divine Light from a detached place that gives you a sense of Equanimity. This may mean you are under the bed covers where you can rest when that is the most resourceful thing for you to do.


Balance is key to your health and wellbeing. Do your best to understand that the upheaval we witness is a part of a massive clearing of negative states from the quantum field, which is necessary before the New Earth can birth into life.


Find ways to relax, and be at peace realizing that this spikey, cloying, fiery energy will pass so we can turn our attention for the experience of the New Beginnings that are a part of this eclipse.


New Beginnings are Here for Us


Focus on those new intentions that are a part of what you do want to experience in your life. Energy follows your focus of attention, so you may be having a different experience from others.


 Sudden insights, inspiration and expanded perceptions will be available

along with Creative Solutions you never thought of.


It is time to change the world through our visions and kind hearts as we seed the quantum field with new life. During this New Moon Eclipse, we are at the Altar of Infinite Potential. Our focus of attention and our attitude have the power to change the word and the mass consciousness in a way we have never experienced before.


We came to Earth in order to do this very thing. Now here it is. i guess it is time to learn to ride the Big Waves.


Shanta Gabriel

June 19, 2020


Permission is given to share this article as long as it is free, used in its entirety and credit is given for the author.


Join me on Saturday June 20 with Master Astrologer, Kelly Beard to gain insight, integration and empowerment for this eclipse cycle and New Moon Beginnings.

Summer Solstice 2020





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