Creating New Foundations So You Can Thrive in Changing Times

A Transmission from Archangel Gabriel

Dear Ones,

There are moments in life when you need to acknowledge the Power working through you and dedicate your lives to something greater. In times of challenge in life, it is especially important to remember what you are truly devoted to, and what it is that you are dedicated to experiencing. It is then that you can participate in creating a new foundation of Wellbeing that allows you to resonate deeply within your heart with what brings you more fulfillment and a greater sense of meaning and purpose.

When you focus on the world outside of you, it causes you to match its vibration. You find yourself speeding up on the inner levels, breathing more shallowly and perhaps making comparisons that do not create happiness or peace-filled responses.

For these changing times, it is important to focus on the inner heart of your being. This allows your attention to come back into alignment with that which nourishes you bringing greater connection to inner Peace and Balance. This realignment within provides the support necessary for you to face life as it is, as well as see the new possibilities that exist for you.

It is a good time to create new foundations in life that offer the qualities within your lower chakras that allow you to thrive in a sense of Well-being. These qualities will resonate as Truth, and that which is worthy for you to base your life upon. Best of all, they are flexible qualities of consciousness that allow a shifting empowerment, infusing the Divine attributes of Freedom, Love, Abundance, Peace, and Harmony into your new foundation.

Your reference points in these shifting frequencies have changed and inner foundations have lost the ability to be stable. Sometimes the pillars on which you base your life need to adjust to bring more energy to a different area. Through it all, when you allow it, the Light within a vertical flow from Heaven to Earth will empower and inspire new creativity to work within you to catalyze every area of your life.

There is always a Creative Solution waiting to be beckoned forth to bring new life force into areas that have stagnated or lost their connection to Source. It is an important time to create from inside you those qualities that you need to experience in life. When you combine an attentive and calm intention with an expansive focus, it allows more support on a spiritual level.

From this place you can attract a miracle that opens the gateway so all your needs can be met with Grace and Ease. And so it is.

~Archangel Gabriel
Shanta Gabriel
May 11, 2017



  1. Ophelie on May 17, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    Hi 🙂
    Thanks for that article, yes I’ve found that being inside myself is requirement for things to happen… last year I experienced situations in my life that kept sending me inside, and at the begninning of this new year, thins new c cycle it felt like I learned being confortable being inside with this deep sensation of everything now birthing form inside. It seems clear our actions need to come from inside, being inspired before taking place…. Sometimes I find myself in this sensation of stuckness and then I recall that everything comes from inside and I connect within and then it becomes fluid again, and so many synchronicities are happening and so fast, it is like magic!
    Things have changed for sur and for the better 🙂 and it is a learning every day, thanks for these confirmation:-)

    • Shanta Gabriel on May 18, 2017 at 10:33 am

      Thanks so much for your comment. Many of us are feeling like this. In fact, I am finding it a powerful opportunity to link with others in spiritual practice to empower us all for the times we are living in and for movement into our futures. Watch for the Solstice Anusthan announcement. It is by donation and shares a spiritual practice with people from all over the world in simple, short and beautiful ways. Blessings, Shanta.

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