Angels Visiting Maria

Guest post by Caron Goode, Author of Kids Who See Ghosts

Maria thoroughly enjoyed spending summers with her grandparents at their ranch. Her grandfather taught her all about horses, and she was an accomplished rider at the age of eleven when she visited during a hot summer season in dry West Texas.

Maria first noticed that her grandfather’s skin was dotted with crusty open sores around his throat and chin. When she asked what happened, she noticed that his eyes turned downward as he said that he cut himself shaving. All her grandfather’s signals said he wasn’t telling her the truth. Obviously he couldn’t or wouldn’t tell her something, but she was still curious.

At dinner, she gazed across the table at him when he wasn’t looking. As was her habit when looking at people’s energy, she let her perception soften, and she noticed a tall, whitish figure behind her grandfather. She knew this was an angel, and she figured her grandfather must be dying soon. Whenever she saw angels around people, it was to help them die; at least this had been true, based upon Maria’s personal experiences.

Maria was a very brave young woman that summer, as she never asked her grandfather about the sores on his neck again. She heard the family whispers about how painful lung cancer can be. When school started, Maria chose to stay at the ranch, sitting next to her grandfather’s bed, and watch and wait with his angels. When her grandfather died, Maria was sad, but not feeling such a painful loss as other family members, as she could see him with the angels.

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