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There is overlap in the fields of study between children who see ghosts and children and adults who experience near-death states. I’ve invited P. M. H. Atwater to share her views to enhance our understanding of the children’s near-death experiences and interactions with the other side.

P. M. H. Atwater shares: “All of our brains are shifting, and I want to start out here with certain facts:

Children see invisible things or interact with other worlds or have this intuitive ability.

Not only is that normal; it is necessary, as you’ll see in our discussion.

We’re speaking first about the development of the temporal lobes, approximately from the ages of 2 through 6. This is the birth of imagination. [Brain’s temporal lobes are beneath the temples and include areas concerned with speech comprehension.]

“The birth of children’s imagination involves the temporal lobes taking in and sorting all these different forms, shapes, colors and sounds so children can build incredible neural libraries that enable us to have perspective and make comparisons as we grow older. Such experiences give us a solid base for what might be expected of us as we live here on the earth plane.

“The development of the temporal lobes is so important.  Up to around the age of six, it is primary in the way children see and respond to the world around them.  In my research of 277 child experiencers of near-death states, between the ages of birth to 15 years, most of my cases clustered within two age spans— from birth to 15 months, and the other from three years of age until not quite six.  This is significant.

“Previous research by a myriad of professionals have long since established that the years of three to five is when most children have invisible friends, are highly psychic, see demons/angels/fairies/aliens, and spend a lot of time in the imaginal worlds. This is the birth of imagination and absolutely necessary for the growth of a healthy child.  What I have been able to establish is that during those same years, in fact, from birth to not quite six, is when the largest number of children appear also to have near-death experiences.

“The profound enhancements that can occur with the very young after experiencing the phenomenon raises the question:  is it possible to have temporal lobe expansion BEFORE temporal lobe development?

“All of the different papers and studies that have been done indicate that these are the ages when most children have invisible friends, are highly psychic, see demons, angels and fairies, spend a lot of time in the imaginal worlds, and that is just so necessary.

“What I’m seeing, as a researcher of near-death states, is the experiences and talents of the new kids, referring to millennial children…Indigo children and Crystal children] are matching near-death kids. These experiences are transformations of consciousness. I think the process is inborn in the new kids. The kids don’t have to change through an experience like a near-death state.

“So I’m looking at near-death children as a neutral model to better understand what’s happening with our new children. I return repeatedly to the fact that this is normal brain development, and if children are going to have a healthy brain, they’re going to go through stages like seeing ghosts. We’re not talking about imaginings or scary things or fluffy things; we’re talking about normal brain development.

“I’ve recommended repeatedly that these kids need mentors. They need to be able to talk, and be listened to by someone they can trust. They need a comfortable person who will say, ‘Now here are some things to look for to help you recognize what’s beneficial and helpful and what’s hurtful.”  This is covered thoroughly in the back of The New Children and Near-Death Experiences (Bear & Company, 2003)

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  1. mike on December 16, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    my girlfriend says she can see ghosts sometimes and says its a family secret. she also tells me she can not go in cemeteries or around them. she says she was able to start seeing them when she was young after she survived a near death experience with a head injury. so i dont know what to think. i want to know more about this

    • Shanta Gabriel on January 24, 2011 at 1:31 pm

      Thank you for this comment. It is something very much out of my area of expertise however. You would do better to contact Karen Goode from “Kids who see Ghosts.” Maybe she will have something more to offer to you. Good Luck. Shanta

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