Access the Wisdom of your Heart

A Solstice Awakening in the Light


Access the Wisdom of Your Heart


Your heart is awakening during this Solstice in a way that affords you new access to the wisdom laying dormant inside you. Asking and you will receive, you can encourage more support when you create a daily spiritual practice that opens the channels to receive your heart’s wisdom. Know that within your heart is the Truth of your journey on Earth at this time.


Your heart holds the connection to your Soul’s Destiny. Each person awakening in this time is asking for the form they can use to radiate their gifts into the world. Our souls can embody this pure vertical alignment within our beings from Heaven to Earth. Those who may not be so awakened are very conscious of a longing within them that aches to be fulfilled. Though many earthly ways can be found to fill this longing ~ none of them are satisfactory until one comes back into the heart, the only place of true fulfillment.


Creating access to the wisdom of the heart can become a mystical adventure. As always Nature is providing tools and inspiration to provide direct connection. Your life becomes a process of opening to the Light in the same way the face of a flower turns to the sun. When the hard knots in your heart are allowed to become the buds of new awakening, the pure light of Heaven encourages them to gently open and receive.


In a perfect demonstration in Nature for humans learning how to be, trees share their strength by showing you how this alignment appears within your body through their strong and straight trunks. Those trees whose trunks have a pronounced curve are demonstrating to you how they follow the Light, a wise choice for all.


When you allow your roots to permeate deep into the Earth, you can take in the nourishment being offered by the Divine Feminine who nurtures all. When you receive from the heart of the Mother, you bring new vitality and well-being into the core of your body. This activity stirs the dormant seeds at the base of your spine and the fresh juices of vital life force begin to flow. You start to feel a new connection to life, sparking your curiosity and opening your eyes to the beauty around you.


Mother Nature is offering a sparkling, magical dance for this Solstice that is enticing you to come home to your body in a whole new way. When you allow the trees to share their dance, they demonstrate how to receive pure Light which is converted into nourishment through photosynthesis when their leaves open and expand through their branches. Letting yourself be fed by the light of God nourishes you in a way that nothing else can.


When you can sit with your back against a tree, your spine is reminded of this vertical access between Heaven and Earth. Your cerebral spinal fluid starts to flow with greater awareness. You feel like you can stand tall and be strong in a new way. Your heart receives this nourishment and a higher frequency of energy sweeps through your bloodstream into every cell and fiber of your being.


At Home at Last

Through this Solstice, you may notice there is a new settled feeling inside. You may have a sense that you are more at home in your body. Divine Light is sparking a bright sense of well-being in the base of your spine, and many are beginning to feel that it is safe to be in a human form for the first time in this lifetime. The coveted element of safety will not be fed by any situation or person in the outer world. Well-being only comes from the nurturing aspects of the Earth as you allow yourself to receive deeply from your base into the core of your being. These frequencies prepare you to receive your heart’s wisdom.


Nature is a great Awakener and can bring you into the present time with one beat of your heart. Only in this holy instant of the Now will you have access to the wisdom of your heart. Seek out places in Nature to inspire you in this process of coming home to yourself; for indeed a new process of awakening has been underway since 2012 with Nature playing a key role.


The elemental beings and the realms of the Earth are offering you an opportunity to know yourself. When you ask for the light of the Divine to flow through you and consciously anchor it to the Earth, you are turning the key to Wholeness. While you are in this space of healing, spend some time basking in the wonder of life, drink in the beauty, and be grateful that there are trees to learn from and flowers to inspire you.


When your heart opens to these gifts, you are blessed with a resourceful passage into the wisdom of the heart where your soul awaits and truth abounds. The vertical access to your Divine Self brings you into wholeness in a way that has never been offered before. The Universal Presence of Nature is offering you a new sense of well-being so you can begin to thrive in life. When you attune yourself to Nature, a magical quality is there that sparks your creativity. Your love expands to include new qualities of consciousness.


When you bring light through your being allowing yourself to receive nurturing from Nature, there is a blending of your most Divine Eternal Self and your most human.


Love now permeates every cell and you can feel whole for the first time. Be aware of this precious gift at Solstice and let yourself receive access to your heart’s wisdom. Here love will permeate your world and new life will awaken. And so it is.



Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel
Copyright June 21, 2023

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