The September Equinox Anusthan 2020

A Spiritual Practice to Anchor Balance in our Lives and in the World

Join our sacred gathering September 19-25

Your Call to Sacred Spiritual Practice


You are invited to be a part of our international group of dedicated souls who believe that great change is possible on the Earth when we work together.


Are you an experienced seeker… who longs for the power of community? Would you enjoy like-minded sisters and brothers to exponentially grow in Light with? Are you seeking soul family in the face of global upheaval? 


If yes, I warmly invite you to join us for the Equinox Anusthan Practice!



In this group, we all believe that great change is possible on the Earth when we work together. An Anusthan (ah-noos-than) is an ancient spiritual tradition used for centuries to strengthen your spirit as you dedicate your practice to a specific purpose.


The purpose of this group practice is to empower the Light of Balance on Earth, within us and within the hearts of all humanity.


When you join in intention and sacred practice with soul family, your ability to transmute negativity in the world exponentially increases. 


Together, you can anchor the quality of Equanimity that is far more powerful and luminous than any of us could even imagine doing alone. 


This is the power and promise of the Equinox Anusthan.




For centuries, Eastern traditions have joined seekers together in spiritual communities to aid them in spiritual enlightenment. In these ashrams, the power of group energy inspires seekers and supports them in group practices. This allows for inner growth far beyond what one might be able to accomplish alone. Recent studies have also shown that group spiritual practices can lower violence, accidents and ER visits in the outside world while bringing more peacefulness and health to those who are practicing.


Together we will anchor our highest vision in an Anusthan, an ancient group spiritual practice dedicated to anchoring the power of Balance. I invite you to join me with other dedicated individuals, to welcome Equanimity in your body, into every area of your life, and into the world.




How It Works


Every day of our practice, you will receive an inspiring message from Archangel Gabriel 

to support your Anusthan and inspire your life.


Short on time? Your practice needs to be only 10-30 minutes each day with our group dedicated focus.


Anusthan guidebookAs soon as you register, you will receive a beautiful and informative Anusthan Guidelines PDF. 

In this booklet, you will find:

  • How to set an intention for the day
  • Traditional guidelines on spiritual practice
  • How to create a sacred space
  • What your every day practice could look like
  • Sacred sound vibrations that will elevate your frequency
  • Suggested Mantras in both English and Sanskrit
  • Walking Mantras!
  • 2 really advanced Mantras to connect deeply with Divine Light
  • A musical mantra for added inspiration!


Have questions? Please visit my blog post:


Common Experiences From Past Participants ~


Wow! I've just read the last message of our Anusthan practice, I can't tell you how every word resonated with my soul


Your writing and messages are magnificent!! Each day, I can't wait to read what you have sent ... this is the most ALIVE writing! I KNOW I was meant to connect with you through this sacred process of Anusthan, for I have undergone some major shifts.


This practice has been a blessing in my life. Shanta, thank you from all of my heart. Keep on shining!




Think of this time as multidimensional networking. 


Experience for yourself the wonders and awe of sacred communal practice. Just as a single bee is lost on its own, a single dedicated individual pales in comparison with a full abundant hive of dedicated practitioners.


As this is a spiritual practice for me as well, I volunteer my time and my experience with gratitude. 


I also request that you make a small donation to cover technical expenses. During our Anusthan I will be on the road with my practice. I am moving to Martha's Vineyard September 16. If you feel called to help support my journey from California to Massachusetts, I will be incredibly grateful. I will be working from my new home in October and look forward to the new energy and new levels of support for this Life in Transition.


This is a group gathering, so we all share in the energy. You are requested to make a donation of $22 or more. 


Please join us September 19-25!

May this empowered spiritual practice bless you with Divine Light in every area of your life!

Shanta Gabriel

Equinox Anusthan September 2020
Equinox Anusthan September 2020
A minimum donation of $22 is respectfully required. Donations cover the cost of technical and production assistance. Donation Guide:
Definitely Yes! - $22
Sign Me Up! - $44
Wouldn't Miss It! - $77
Wow, Pay it Forward! - $111
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