Creating a Working Altar

Create a powerful matrix for the manifestation of your dreams


Empower Your Dreams by Creating a Working Altar with Master Teacher and Angel Communicator, Shanta Gabriel


Altars help you to create a powerful matrix for the manifestation of your dreams. The definition of matrix is: an environment in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.

Your altar can become your energetic matrix to hold the focus and empower the soul desires that you want to magnetize into your life. All my altars hold this activation so they become living, working symbols for greater enrichment and expansion in my life. (see the video)

You can make a working altar for any purpose to give you a focal point for you to concentrate with. The more devotion, intention and attention you put into the creation of your altar, the more power it radiates into your world and infuses into that area of your life.

Altar for the membership circle with Mt. Shasta blessing.


Why I Love the Creation of Working Altars? For Empowering Life and Bringing Fruition to my Dreams!


I also love making altars because:

  • They become a place of great beauty and inspiration
  • Altars enhance whatever space they are in.
  • Altars are a place where you can take your prayers, hopes and wishes.
  • A working altar demonstrates your commitment to what it is you want to manifest.
  • At your altar is where you remember the Divine purpose of your life.
  • You can light a candle and offer your intention to the Divine Presence within all things.
  • You can meditate and pray before your altar so it is infused with more energy.

Your altar becomes a sacred practice where you go to remind yourself about your commitment to a particular focused area of your life. This focal point will take on more energy the more frequently you go there to empower your dreams.

Your connection to the Divine along with the emotion and intention behind the building of your altar, especially the dedication to your dream becoming manifest, are the keys to a successful working altar to empower your life.

The altar below is from a Full Moon teleconference. I make a new altar for every event and intention that I create.

My altar is where I add my dreams, blessings, and affirmations to a growing matrix to give it power. I also add flowers, meaningful images, and crystals which have empowered my intentions.

I go to my altar every day!

My altar is a divine space that is so empowered that whenever I go there, I can connect more deeply with my most Divine Presence.


Let me Join You in a Masterful Creation of Your Personal Altar

I will be honored to personally walk you through the steps for the creation of a working altar to bless your life. Together, using Skype, we will empower your most sacred intentions that will allow us to see each other and create together. You can gather the things that you want to place on your altar. We will choose those aspects of divinity and the inspiring tools for manifestation that are most important for you.

We will then bless and empower your working altar with the presence of the Archangels, ground it into Mt. Shasta, the sacred mountain where I live which is the Base Chakra of the Earth.

Together, we will offer your empowered altar space to the Divine Presence within you and within all things to be lifted into the Light.

Like a Lighthouse that illuminates the darkness, your prayers and intentions then become a radiant Beacon of Light that charges your dreams and radiates them out into the world through your working altar.

It will be my honor and privilege to join you at your new working altar!


Creating Your Working Altar
Creating Your Working Altar
Your altar becomes a sacred practice where you go to remind yourself about your commitment to that area of your life. Create a working Altar with Master Teacher and Angel Communicator, Shanta Gabriel
Price: $125.00

With intention and powerful transmission of Light Activation from the Archangels, you will be able to bring the power of Unconditional Love throughout your blood stream into every cell of your body with the beat of your heart.

Shanta Gabriel