12:12 Activation

Sacred Transmissions of Unconditional Love

Empowered 12:12 Activation

It is my pleasure to offer this recording from last year's teleconference. The recording includes an activation prayer that allows it to expand in energy whenever it is played.

There are two auspicious dates in December when a paradigm shift in consciousness is entirely possible. From December 12 ~ 12:12 through the Solstice on December 21, there is a powerful open portal that allows you to receive activated transmissions of the Christed Light. The full spectrum of energies surrounding both these dates have set into motion gatherings all over the world.

During the 12:12 activation, we will have an experience of the Christ Light pouring onto our planetary sphere in unprecedented freequencies. We will be incredibly supported energetically on many levels to receive this energy into our magnetic High Heart Chakra, as the frequencies of Unity Consciousness seek to align with our human forms.

Each of us plays an essential part in the world we are creating through our commitment to a new life of Harmony and Peace on Earth.

Rest assured that listening to the recording on 12:12 will assist you through visualization, activations, and a deep connection with the Archangels of Light. You can also play this recording whenever the digital clock registers 12:12 to refresh this powerful activation in your body.

In this meditation, you will immerse yourself in the blessings and care of the Archangels for a beautiful, empowering ceremony that anchors the 12:12 Christ Light into your entire being. In the guided visual journey, you become a sacred vessel holding the Light of Unconditional Love for the Earth and all beings.

The powerful transmissions of Light create a shining shield of Protection and Grace for you in your daily life. As you anchor this presence of Christed Consciousness into your High Heart, you are able to step into the world as a radiant beacon of  Unconditional Love, Compassion and Light.

May you be blessed!

12:12 Recording
12:12 Recording
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