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 Accept Past Choices and Move Ahead

The Gabriel Messages book and the companion cards continue to be basic tools for me that are powerfully relevant for these interesting times in which we live. We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages in these articles to provide insight and inspiration each week that we can bring into our daily lives.

For this week’s issue, the card that was chosen seems very relevant to what many have been experiencing recently.

The Gabriel Message card for this week

Do not allow yourself to dwell in past patterns. Simply accept those choices and move ahead.

Does it seem like all your old patterns are in your face right now?

I sure have noticed this phenomena in the past few months especially. It seems we are being given a chance to clear the way for some healthy new choices.

What I also have noticed is that if I don’t give these old patterns any “juice” when they show up, they go away very quickly. In fact, they disappear without my being able to remember what it was that felt so in my face a moment before.

No, I don’t think it is just my advanced age, even though I am beginning my 70th year today! I am hearing about this forgetfulness phenomena from many people of all ages and from teachers I respect as well. Those aspects of life that no longer fit who we are today are in the process of leaving our consciousness when we suddenly become aware of them. They won’t stay unless we grab hold with our emotions. We really can let memories and patterns from the past go much faster nowadays. It has to do with the emotional energy we apply to that memory.

Emotions have a strong magnetic resonance, which means they will attract situations to you with the same vibration.The emotions from the past have no bearing on our present time unless we choose to bring them into our world. There is a very fast manifestation process going on now between our strong feelings and what we experience in our lives. Unless we want to repeat the past, it is exceptionally important that we not bring the old baggage into these new times. We have a chance to experience a level of freedom now that we have never had before. Things have become more simplified since 2012. Where we put our focus of attention is what we receive. Simple as that. It is our habits that continue to drag our old ways into the present time.

I am having surprising success at looking at some of my most painful memories (yet again) and finding that I really can let go, and forgive myself if that is needed. There is a new level of neutrality around the situation that was never there before for me. Of course I would have done things differently at that time if I had been more evolved. But now there is a new level of acceptance, willingness and a capacity to move ahead with my life without dragging the past with me.

We are all being given an exceptional opportunity to experience True Freedom within our lives right now. My life has taken on an almost magical quality as old burdens are lifted and new opportunities continue to abound. This is true for everyone. It is a special creative moment and we have lots of support as long as we stay present. This may mean paying more attention to thoughts and emotions so we do not get swept into turbulent waters. It may mean paying more attention to our spiritual practice and bringing a strong element of prayer into life right now, so there is more awareness of the massive support system available during the earth’s ascension process. It really can be as easy as Aligning ourselves with Source energy and Allowing past patterns to fall away in this new resonance.

One of my intentions for this new upcoming decade in my life is to share more of my 40 years of spiritual background and the teachings I have received from the Archangels as well as the powerful teachers I have been blessed with over the years. I am beginning with a surprisingly deep and profound class called Timeless Practices for Living in Light. The teachings I will offer come from my personal experiences with the Divine and are the basis for all I do in my work and in my life. I will be also sharing wisdom from my guru as well as Archangel Gabriel so there are powerful energy transmissions in the work we will do together.

For July I am offering my readings and classes at a greatly reduced rate. Please take advantage of my gifts to you as I celebrate my birth into life on Earth.

Moment to moment, may we all awaken and recognize the gifts being offered to us for this powerful time of New Life Awakening.

Shanta Gabriel, 2014

The Gabriel Messages #14Do not allow yourself to dwell in past patterns. Simply accept those choices and move ahead.

Dear One,

As you move through your life you are given many opportunities for growth. There may have been times when you chose ways of behavior which now seem inappropriate, and may even cause you great pain when you think of them. You may also have a sense of guilt for the pain you feel you caused others. You are here at this place and time, reading these words, to know that it is time to accept the choices you made in the past and to move on with your life.

What occurred in the past is over. To continue to beat yourself up or wish you had done things differently serves no purpose. There comes a time for forgiveness, and this is what is necessary before you can make the changes you want for your future. When you continue to relive past experiences, it keeps you dwelling in those patterns of behavior, even if you are no longer acting them out. It is necessary to clear those patterns through compassion and forgiveness.

Forgiveness is love in action. It is a cleansing balm which can soothe the tattered places of your mind. There is no person on earth who, as a child of God, does not deserve forgiveness. All that you have been through and all the actions you have taken up to this moment, have taught you lessons you have needed to learn. This is true for everyone. You will continue to receive the same lessons over and over, even if there is a slight variation in the form, until you do learn them.

It is helpful to remember your life is a huge school, where learning experiences are given in every moment to bring you to the peace and light of the Divine Presence within you. At a certain point in life, the peace of God is more important than anything else. All the choices you make will be made from the inner awareness: Does this bring me closer to peace? It is helpful to pray for others that they too might also find this place of peace within themselves.

Joy is found in total forgiveness. It can free you to live your life in the present moment because you will no longer be looking back at what occurred in the past, or worrying about the future. When you find yourself living wholly in the moment, an energy is released within you. You can find passion for living, and a connection to the Source of all your good. From this place, all the decisions you make and the actions you take will be for the highest good of all concerned. From this place you can find the peace you have been searching for. It is in this moment right now, and it is within you.


Take the time to look at what is worrying you or what things in your life cause you pain when you remember them. It can be helpful to make a list, or write a letter to God or to the Angels and say all that you want to about that subject. Don’t hold back. It’s OK to go on and on, and repeat yourself. The important thing is that you clear your mind and emotions.

It may be helpful to picture yourself as a small child who did something which was not appropriate. Forgive this child of God, for if you had known how to do it differently, you would have. This is true for others involved in any situation. Forgive their inner child, even if you cannot forgive their actions.

When you feel complete, sit quietly and breathe balanced breaths. Call on the Angels of Light and Love to be with you and guide your way. Next, pray to your Higher Power, and ask for forgiveness for those actions that may still cause you pain. Ask that you might feel God’s forgiveness at the deepest level of your being.

Have an intention to heal all experiences within you from the past so you may now live in peace. When you have this intention, the flow of energy in your life will move in the way that will reflect your highest good. In this truth you can trust. Free yourself by forgiving the past, accepting the present moment as it is, and allowing miracles to be your future.

This is as it shall be when you remember your inspiration for today:

Do not dwell in past patterns.  Simply accept those choices and move ahead.

Shanta Gabriel, 2014

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After receiving interest in my recent post about the Solstice Ceremony on Mt. Shasta, I decided to expand with more information about the Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat I led with Dharma Cohen on June 20-23.

We created an amazing sacred space in the living room of the China Mountain Retreat House which looked out onto Mt. Shasta. Here is where we led ceremonies, held the teachings and were blessed and entertained.After our opening ceremony, Rhea Summerain closed our first evening with her powerful singing crystal bowls leading us into a beautiful expansive state to start the retreat.






On Saturday, June 21, we headed up the mountain for our Solstice Ceremony. We were blessed with a delicious catered bag lunch that we saved until after. The weather could not have been better, not too hot and definitely not cold. Here are 8 of the 11 people that blessed our journey.

Looking out onto Unity Field from Gabriel’s Gateway. Here we created a powerful connection from Heaven to Earth and opened out hearts to a new level of intelligence.


On the way back down the mountain, I felt attracted to rest on St. Germaine’s couch. The rocks on Mt. Shasta have a powerful level of ancient consciousness that is very restful and deeply empowering. In fact we stopped at the Ascension Rocks on the way back down the mountain to enrich our experience with more communion with the stone people. My first experience with these rocks felt as though I was sailing into another dimension on the back of a whale. That was Solstice 2012.

The next day, Sunday June 22, we went for water and climbed up to the sacred falls near Castle Lake. The air felt blessed with negative ions and all of us felt rested by the experience. We came home to another delicious catered meal and then got ready to be entertained and inspired by Kathy Zavada.

Kathy closed the final night of our retreat with heart melting words that inspired and uplifted us. Her music was deeply transportive.

Below is the Angel that came to visit outside the window of the retreat house. If you enlarge it you will see all the colors and the immense stature of this Light being. She was a brilliant reflection of the support and empowering Presence of the Archangels who supported us throughout the 3 days of the retreat.

We were all transformed by the experience and delighted in our time together. Here is the main center altar. The stones were part of our circle on the mountain for Solstice holding the directions. Outside the bay window is a stunning view of Mt. Shasta, the backdrop for all the teachings.

We shared about the Archangels, crystal grids, Nature’s support and the ABC’s of Quantum Living.


And of course between Dharma and me, we had plenty of wonderful gifts to offer with beautiful healing stones, artwork, meditation cd’s, sacred oils and flower essences, inspired books and cards.  It did not feel as though we even scratched the surface of all that we wanted to share. So there is more to come. Part of which will be included the upcoming class, Timeless Practices for Living in Light July 12 leading into the Accessing the Wisdom of the Heart in late July. The Wisdom of the Heart class feels as though it was a direct download following the retreat that came as a result of our Solstice Ceremony.

The Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat at Mt. Shasta was the second one I led in this same house. This one was so radically different from the first one last October that I am excited to see what comes next. What is the same is the power and beauty of the mountain, the sacredness of the ceremonies and the teachings, as well as the powerful support from the Archangels and Nature.

We were all richly blessed.



Solstice Ceremony on Mt. Shasta



On the Summer Solstice, June 21, the Bridging Heaven and Earth Retreat group gathered at the base of Mt. Shasta in Northern California to begin our task of opening the Stargate of the Heart. Early in the morning we hiked up the mountain to be embraced in the vortex energy that permeates the incredible beauty of the mountain landscape. We stepped on to what we called the “Master’s Mound,” a place of tremendous power. Here we were greeted by an amazingly huge and colorful rainbow around the sun, something none of us had ever seen. In that sacred place it felt as though the Ascended Masters were meeting on another dimension and fully inspiring our work together.

We began our ceremony by calling in the four directions and invited the Universal Presence of Nature with the elementals and Devic realm to support our ceremony. We also invited the Archangels to bless us as we connected deeply to the Heart of the Mother Earth. We danced and chanted our intentions for the world, and felt the radiance of our collective being. When we began to step forward into Gabriel’s Gateway, we were surrounded by the Archangels. This support allowed us to open and connect to our Star of origin and our family of Divine Origin to bring back the gifts and skills that support our life here on the Earth. We felt the radiant expression of our heart’s opening into a newly profound and empowered life.

Our group joined spiritually with millions of Warriors of Light around the world to bring the high frequencies of Love and Divine Light to be anchored on to the Earth on that Solstice day. All of us felt the honor of the calling that brought us together for sacred ceremony. We felt the shift that occurred on the Earth as Divine Light permeated the heart of all beings. Our prayers were strong and we know they were received so that all of humanity felt the awakening of Pure Love in their hearts and the power of their I AM presence activated. We were blessed.

Shanta Gabriel-

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