The Latest Offerings from Shanta Gabriel:

Messages from Archangel Gabriel An E-book about Balance

This e-book offers you a solid base of Balance and Peace to ground you as you empower your life to include a spiritual practice, even if it is only five or ten minutes per day.

Messages from Archangel Gabriel An E-book about Balance

Soul Alignment Reading!

The Archangels have a unique perspective on your Soul's path in life. In this reading, Shanta will channel clear guidance and practical wisdom from the Archangels to assist you in alignment with pure Source energy. This is the beginning place for awakening higher consciousness in every area of your life.

Beyond Limitation Meditation mp3

In this gentle meditation, Shanta leads you into more expansive visions of life that allow for Creative Solutions and Benevolent Outcomes on all levels.

Communion With Angels - Your Personal Connection with Archangel Gabriel!

Connect with your Higher Self and the Angelic Dimensions so that you can receive the answers you need, and bless your life as well.

Bridging Heaven and Earth is an Inside Job

The Archangels have been tapped by Divine Intelligence to work with Souls on Earth willing to walk with them on a new journey of oneness, love and well-being.

It is my calling and great joy to work with the Archangels to assist in your journey.

Are You Ready to Begin?

Welcome, Dear Ones.

If you landed on this page, there is a good chance you are fascinated by the idea of the Archangels. You may have had experiences with angels as a child or discovered that you had an amazing sensitivity to Nature, or even to other people's feelings. You also may remember being told that you were too thin-skinned, or over-emotional when confronted with situations in the world around you.

(You can learn about my personal initiation with the Archangels here.)

Did you know that this is an especially blessed time, when the veils between Heaven and Earth can be opened to you? Did you know that the Archangels are invested in your evolution and are available for you to interact with? Have you wanted to create a more personal relationship with the Angelic Dimensions and did not know how to go about that?

That is why my website came into being. Since 2012 the dimensions have been shifting to allow all of us more access to the realms of Light where we can receive more illumination, peace, love and well-being. This often requires a new way of perceiving the world that we are living in, one that allows for the magic of synchronicities to inspire us, and more faith to guide us.

But we are definitely not alone in the process. And that is why I am so excited about the presence of Angels ~ not only in my life but in the lives of all humanity. The Archangels have opened new doors to your freedom and to your ability to receive from the Divine Essence they represent for your life.

Come now and let yourself being inspired and allow yourself to be surrounded by the Wings of Pure Love, awaiting your invitation.

Shanta Gabriel


Shanta is a gifted, creative spiritual counselor with full knowledge of a variety of philosophies and practices. Intuitive, personable, and caring would be her characteristics that I value most. She is the most unintrusive guide through the universe of one’s inner being that I have ever known. Each day, I am gratified to have worked with her, as the 'work' still continues.

Personal Support for Your Journey

Light Activation Session

With assistance from the Angelic Dimensions and healing masters, I will guide you through a painless process to clear away obstacles to alignment with new higher frequencies of energy in your life.

Soul Alignment Reading

Do you feel confused about your Soul’s purpose? Are you stuck? Looking for your next step? Together with the Archangels, I would love to help you gain clarity and connect deeply with your Soul’s purpose.

Personal Mentoring

Imagine finally getting clear and moving forward with confidence, taking each step with grace and ease. Yes, it is possible! And I invite you to explore working with me – one on one – to accelerate your transformation.

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Start your week with a personal, inspirational message from Shanta. Inspiration for the Week is sent each Sunday to share insights and set an uplifting tone.

Reader Comments

"Thank you Shanta for this gift from the angelic realms. Your generous heart and soul is experienced in each of your writings!"

"I would like to say how grateful I am to read your weekly inspiration pieces every week and how they inspire and uplift at the changing times!"

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Get Weekly Inspiration!

Start your week with a personal, inspirational message from Shanta. Inspiration for the Week is sent each Sunday to share insights and set an uplifting tone.

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