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Your Inner Spirit Working in Your Life

Inspiration for the Week

For this week’s issue, the card chosen speaks to the true meaning of Stability.

Click here for a German translation.

The Gabriel Message card for this week

The Inner Spirit working outward in your life is the only place where true Stability can be found.

This message from Archangel Gabriel seemed like the perfect Eclipse message for this September month of incredible change and ascension into greater light frequencies than we have ever known.

It is a time of growth and renewal, a time for breakthroughs into new levels of being. We are in the process of creating the world that responds to the prayers of millions of heart-centered people. It is a time that has never been experienced on the Earth and is jam-packed with awesome potential.

In past centuries, only a few people would have the consciousness to experience their divinity within the human form. Now all of humanity has that potential. We are moving with the power of Divine Light. This allows us each to have the pure alignment to the Source of All Light.

We are here because we chose this time to fulfill the prompting of our Souls to join with millions of others, and bring greater Harmony into all life on the planet. It is a precious choice, and the Heavens are rejoicing in the progress that we have already made. We truly are the ones we have been waiting for.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for the promptings of my heart that have brought me to this time. Please help me to listen more deeply to your guidance and inspiration. May I allow your divine energy to work in and through all my actions, words and thoughts to bring more Love into my life, and into the lives of all humanity.

I ask to be a Beacon of Pure Light in the world, a Harbinger of Peace, and a Vessel of pure Harmony.  With every breath I take, may I and each person in the world have a deeper experience of Alignment with the Source of all Light. May there be Compassion within me and within all hearts, now and always. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
September 13, 2015

The Gabriel Messages #13

The Inner Spirit working outward in your life is the only place where stability can be found in these changing times.

Dear One,

You have found that your world is speeding up, even a sense of frantic activity without a sense of accomplishment. You have found yourself searching for meaning in all that you are doing when it does not feel like enough.

The truth is that there is an increase in the energy of the Earth’s vibrational field. Because of this, people are experiencing a shift in consciousness that encourages their search for meaning in all that they do.  And Universal Consciousness is now more easily available to all who seek than ever before. This increase in energy is also creating great and rapid change in the world around you. Information is more available, tremendous earth changes, such as earthquakes, fires and hurricanes, seem to be occurring with more frequency, and the very fabric of social, political and family life seems to have shifted into unknown areas. All these occurrences are in the world of appearance, the world outside yourself. They point out the fact that you can no longer look to your outside world to bring you a sense of stability. You must come back to yourself and find that still point of peace, harmony and wisdom within. This is the only place of stability in these changing times.

Within you there is a place of such Peace that you can totally relax there and allow it to permeate your being. Within you is found the Truth and Joy and meaning which you have sought in vain from the world outside yourself. Come now and allow yourself to experience this place within, where you can be free just to be. It is as close as your breath. And it is with your breath, and the power of your thoughts and imagination, that you can begin to experience your Higher Self and your connection to the Divine.


Take a few deep and centering breaths. Bring your attention to the place just below your navel, and imagine that you have found yourself in a very peaceful garden. You can make this garden the most beautiful place you have ever seen. Create flowing brooks and peaceful ponds, flowers and shady trees. Make it a place that you will long to come back to again and again. Allow yourself to relax and absorb the peace and beauty of this garden. Give yourself time to meet with your guardian Angel and with your Higher Self to receive all the wisdom, guidance and love that you need.

It may take a little practice to find this peaceful place within yourself, but after only a few balanced breaths, it won’t be long before you will be able to go there without effort. When you give yourself this time of quiet, you will notice that your outer world will not have the power to pull you away from this still place of Peace. This is true stability. It is from this still point within that you will be able to live in this time of change and not feel alone or abandoned. You will be able to connect deeply with the support you need.

Like a wheel whose spokes appear to revolve very quickly, but whose center has quiet movement connecting all the links around it, this revolution of stillness within you will transform your outer world into one of Harmony, Love and Peace.

Remember to ask for this stillness. Ask for the experience of a peaceful garden. Ask for your personal connection to the Source of all life. It all begins with you, with your thoughts, and with the balanced breath that is your connecting link. It is all there for you if you but give yourself the time.

Remember your message from the Angels today:

The Inner Spirit working outward in your life in the only place where stability can be found in these changing times.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel September 13, 2015

Essence of Divine Light for the Month of September

Turning Point

Turning PointEspecially helpful during transitional times in life, this essence guides your choices to align you with your Soul’s purpose. It allows you to experience a sense of freedom and protection as you walk your path with greater courage and faith.

Because September is promising to be a time of dynamic change, Turning Point is the perfect choice. With Super Moons, Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde this month, our Spiritual Practice is clear. We need to stay in alignment with Source energy and stay balanced within ourselves.

The Essence of Turning Point will help you to focus on priorities and feel a strengthening in your Solar Plexus as you make greater choices for Happiness, Harmony and Health in every area of your life.

Available here.

Equinox Teleconference

We also have the September 23 Equinox to bring us into a state of awareness for Balance in our lives.

I will be hosting an Equinox Teleconference, so be sure to mark your calendar! Members of the Immersion into Light Circle will be able to attend for free. Information will be coming soon.

Learn about the Circle here.

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