The Wisdom of the Trees Elixir

During the intensity of the month of April, I made myself a grounding elixir that has proven so helpful that I wanted to offer it to those who feel the need to use this powerful tool in their own lives.

First I used The Wisdom of the Trees is an Essence of Divine Light blessed by the Archangels and made in form by my friend, Fanny Whitman and I in 2012. Here is the original intention for that essence:

This is a very grounding essence that allows your spinal column to become attuned to the alignment demonstrated by all the trees. This essence encourages the life force in your spinal column to mirror the alignment, strength and flexibility demonstrated by trees. It brings more Life Force into the physical body and allows you to open your mind and heart to the ancient wisdom of the trees.

For extra support my guidance suggested I add a number of Bach Flower Remedies that were made from the flowers of trees. They are:

  • Aspen – Courage to face the Unknown
  • Chestnut Bud – Release of deeply resistant karmic patterns
  • Elm – Faith and the ability to complete one’s tasks
  • Larch – Confidence, freedom of creative potential
  • Oak – Strength to surrender and receive support
  • Walnut – Power to follow your true Star of Destiny
  • White Chestnut – Calming the busy mind

Flower Essences were developed by Dr. Bach in the 1930’s and were widely tested in Europe in the early 20th Century. Since that time Flower Essences have been made and used all over the world in highly successful ways to clear your energy system of old patterns of belief and personality imbalances.

There are no plant materials in these essences as they are energetic in nature. Each one is made in a base of Christian Brothers brandy as a preservative and pure Mt. Shasta water.

For me, using these energetic tools has become a powerful way of life during this intense and often chaotic transition into higher dimensional living.

I invite you to try The Wisdom of the Trees Elixir.

Blessings for Greater Health and Wellbeing on all Levels, Shanta


The cost is $35 plus $5 shipping.

The Wisdom of the Trees Elixir
The Wisdom of the Trees Elixir
The Wisdom of the Trees Elixir is a combination of 7 powerful Bach Flower Remedies that offer courage, strength and support during this often chaotic, changing time. It also includes the Wisdom of the Trees Essence of Divine Light, which is an Archangelically-blessed energetic essence made by me and my friend Fanny Whitman in 2012.
Price: $35.00