Wings of Angels are Enfolding You in Light

Inspiration for the Week

For this week’s issue, The Gabriel Message is to remind us that we are not alone and we have support from the Angelic Dimensions for our worldly lives right now.

The Gabriel Message card for this week

Call on us often and picture the wings of Angels enfolding you in Light.

The Angels are reminding us that we have assistance to call upon in every situation in our daily lives. If we are receptive to it, we can imagine ourselves wrapped in Wings of Light, and we can feel that energetically. You may even notice your heart feels softer.

In a time of rampant change and acceleration, many people are feeling alone and alienated from their inner spirit. A recurring theme from the Angelic Dimensions has been their commitment to our awakening process.

When I allow myself to receive, there is an instant awareness of comfort and love. At times I have truly felt as though I am being wrapped in Wings of Pure Love, and my heart feels more at peace. As expansive as I allow myself to grow, there is a sense of support working with me now that I have opened to receive. Since I allowed more connection with the Angelic Dimensions, any sense of being alone has vanished.

I have a friend who finds white feathers whenever she questions whether Angels really exist. I was with her for a walk one day when she let me know her process. Secretly I suspect she really does embrace the wisdom that Angels are working with her, but she just enjoys having a sign. Sure enough, within seconds of telling me her story, she found a beautiful white feather. It had never occurred to me to ask for a sign, so I also said I wanted proof that the Angels were working in my life. Almost immediately I discovered a beautiful white fluffy feather. I still have it on my altar as a reminder that I only need to ask.

White feather

It is easy to close our hearts and look at what is missing in our lives, but it does not make us happy or add to our sense of Well-being. The Angels are really invested in our conscious evolution so they have come to let us know they are available for real life support. Whenever we invite them to enter our lives, changes occur in miraculous ways.

There are Angels overseeing every project, opening doors and connecting us with people and circumstances that will fulfill our dreams. There is a special Angel watching over each of our relationships. We can call these Beings of Light into our conversations and interactions so that Harmony and Divine Order will prevail for the highest good of all concerned.

When we turn our attention to feeling supported and nourished in everyday situations, it can feel as though we are being uplifted on Wings of Pure Light. From that place, all is truly well.

Divine Presence and Beings of Light and Love,

I am inviting the Angel of each of my relationships to guide me into a place of Harmony and Love within them. I ask for a greater connection to our Higher Selves and that Creative Solutions fill our interactions for the highest good of all concerned.

In all my projects and ideas, I invite the over-lighting Angel of Light to intervene. May I remember I am not alone. May I allow the support and guidance I require for the fulfillment of my dreams to uplift me and show me the way.

I gratefully receive all the Love and Support the Universe has to give me now.

Thank you God and so it is.

Shanta Gabriel
October 11,  2015

The Gabriel Messages #22

Call on us often and picture the wings of Angels enfolding you in Light.

Dear One,

To call on the Angels does not symbolize weakness, it shows strength. It takes great courage to ask for assistance. There is a thought-form in your society that says you must “do it alone” if you are to be considered responsible and mature. This, however, creates a great burden for you in your world because there is so much to deal with in worldly life. It is not easy to live in an earth body, so assistance is necessary in order to live in a happier, more harmonious way.

You cannot look for answers to life’s challenges in the world around you. The answers and the way through are in the higher frequencies available in the light of Truth and Wisdom. This is the light of God’s love and it is the comfort offered by the Angels. When you ask for assistance, Light and Love flow to you immediately. This expands your conscious awareness so you can see the greater truth in any situation. This receptivity gives you freedom to act in ways that you know are in your highest good.

You are provided with guardian Angels who are with you throughout your life. They are always available for you to call upon, to ask questions of, and to provide the depth of companionship for which your soul longs. Human companions are not capable of giving you the depth, wisdom and strength that the Angels can give you.

If this level of relationship is something you desire, call on your Angelic friends now. There has never been a time when the Angels were so closely available as they are at this time. Presently, the veils are very thin between the worlds. This means that you can pray and take the time to call in the presence of your guiding Angels and they will be there for you. You can ask for signs of proof. You can ask to bask in their loving light. All this will occur. But your desire for a personal relationship is necessary to bring the Angels into your conscious awareness. This is easy for you to do. Use the power of your imagination and allow your mind to soar in expansive ways.

Release now the burden of having to do it alone. Call on the Angels often. Ask for help in every situation. You will be held in comforting wings of loving light and your way will be cleared.

This is an Angelic promise to you. We love you and bless you always. Remember:

 Call on us often and picture the wings of Angels enfolding you in Light.

Archangel Gabriel through Shanta Gabriel October 11, 2015

The Seven Keys to Awakening Teleconference Series – Begins October 15!

The Seven Keys to Awakening - Shanta Gabriel

October 15, 22, 29
November 5, 12, 19
December 3

Now is the time to prepare the way for all beings to live in Divine Union


Forget what you have learned about the chakras in the past! We are in 5D now, and your chakra system is responding very differently. From a yogic perspective, the core intention is still the same — Union with God — but how we get into that state has changed dramatically!

The Archangels want to take you on a journey into the delicious state of Unity Consciousness through direct transmission of the essence contained in each of your sacred centers. Each week your being will be permeated with the Love and Unity your Soul has longed for. Through us these fields of Divine Light will then be anchored on the Earth for the welfare of all beings.

This new weekly teleclass series is an experiential program that gives you access to the alignment that is possible in 5th Dimensional living. In 5D, the ideas of Oneness, Divine Union and the connection to All of Life become the prevalent intention for our experience. Life becomes more purposeful, more respectful and more fulfilling when we are based in this state of Divine Love.

As we dedicate our lives to Unity and focus our awareness on alignment with Source energy, all things change. When our consciousness becomes permeated with Love, life takes on a magical quality in 5D that we have never experienced. Peace becomes a true reality for all beings.

After 40 years’ immersion in teachings of Divine Light which awaken the Kundalini life force, I want to share this alignment with all I have received. As an elder, it is my mission to pass on the wisdom of these experiences. Condensing these teachings to essence, with the transmission of the energy in each chakra from the Archangels, allows you to have a weekly experience of new levels of Union within your being. There will also be study materials to help you integrate this work into your daily life.

I feel passionate about this time in which we live and know it is important that we create alignment in our chakra systems before the end of the year. I want us to begin 2016 anchored in 5D awareness and aligned with our highest purpose as a blended divine human.

Let’s bridge Heaven and Earth together and create our rainbow body of Light through these weekly classes that will prepare the way for all beings to live in Divine Union.

Thank you for all that you do to bring more Peace to the world. I would love to have you join me and the Archangels to explore the sacred essence of these Seven Keys to Awakening.

We are the ones that need to anchor this energy on the planet, and NOW is the time.

“Your classes always bring me into my essence and it is such a gift to be in the Light Frequency with you always.”

“I am consistently nourished by the very pure clean (and grounded) angelic energy that I feel and receive in all of your messages. It is unlike anything else I have ever come across and it feeds me and inspires me in a really beautiful way.”

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Many blessings,

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    Thanks so much for allowing me into this learning group. I appreciate all your help & wisdom. I would love getting your weekly newsletter. I am delighted I came across your website tonight. Sending you my very best regards, Helen.

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