Wholeness is Now from Archangel Gabriel



Wholeness is Now

A Message about Light from Archangel Gabriel



Dear Ones,

Do you feel a subtle pulsing within you today? There is a very new rhythm being created through your life right now. A new empowered substance of divinity is flowing through your energy system.

The rhythm of your heart is pulsing God’s name throughout your being. The meridians are lighting up with this essence. With every candle you light in the name of God, a deep connection to your spirit is illuminated. This is an enhancing your experience of the new rhythms sparking with Divine Connection.

 More and more as you bring Divinity into your human form, an integration is occurring that will allow you to live a more blended life as a Divine human.

Honor yourself for your empowered intentions. Maybe you did not consciously begin with the intention to be so attuned with your inner spirit that your Divinity is activated in your physical life. However your soul is calling you to create a spiritual practice that will both honor your Grounded Presence with the Earth and your connection to the Divine.

Gently and with Love honor yourself. Notice the expanded perspective that is growing in your awareness. Notice a pervasive sense of Peace that is percolating through your energy system. Notice how your heart is expanding with Love.

Take this love into your being and love yourself through any processes of release that you are experiencing. Free yourself from the entanglement of worry, wanting and wishing. Simply bless yourself and let the spiritual energy do the work. There is a new growing sense of Wholeness within you that changes you from the inside out.

As you allow this expansion to occur, Love swells in your heart and activates your energy system with Light. Within Divine Light is all that you need to promote great change within yourself and on the Earth.

It starts in your heart with a growing empowerment of Divine Love, pulsing through you, blessing all that you do and all that you are. And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel
through Shanta Gabriel
August 20, 2021


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