What’s in Your Consciousness?

Inspiration for the Week

This message from Archangel Gabriel helps us to remember what it is that we prefer to experience in life.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

You attract to you only that which is in your consciousness.

Considering that this message from Archangel Gabriel came to me years before the ideas about the Law of Attraction became part of mainstream conscious awareness, I am amazed.

But then, Master Paramahansa Yogananda said in the 1950’s, “Your thoughts are prayers and you are always praying.” So awareness of the Law of Attraction has been a part of the master’s teachings for many years.

It is true that we are a part of a vast field that may be influencing our thoughts and these thoughts produce feelings that can cause us to magnetize the very things we do not want to experience. We are also broadcasting our thoughts and feelings to others which we need to be aware of so we can be part of the solution for Peace on Earth. At the same time, most reading this are probably highly sensitive energetically, so you are undoubtedly receiving from others.

It has become ever more important that we do not immerse ourselves in the feelings which drag us down into places we prefer not to go. It is also true, however, that our prayers and connections to Divine Light are more powerful than ever. This connection to Divine Light becomes the anecdote to any darkness that can appear on my radar suddenly throughout the day.

My intentions are very strong to create an alignment with the highest Source of Light there is. This alignment becomes the center of a matrix field in which I place my intentions for the day, my alignment with my Highest Self, and my prayers for myself and all humanity. This is my spiritual practice before I communicate with others or walk outside my front door. When I continue to stay in harmony with this intention, and create it in a formal way through my morning practice, it provides me with a place to come home to during the rest of the day that fills my heart with love.

Archangel Gabriel has said that one who consciously fills themselves with Divine Light on a consistent basis becomes both radiant and magnetic. This means that the Divine Light I invite through my energy system becomes an anchor for the Beauty, Harmony and Peace that I want so much to experience in life.

This may seem too simplistic to be real, but then Truth is simple. When I embrace this principle of simplicity, I experience so much more Grace in every area of my life.

I call on the Light from the Highest Source there is. I ask this light to flow through my being in a pillar of Golden Light from Heaven to Earth. I ask to be a clear channel for this Light and radiate Divine Light through every cell of my body to this planet and all beings upon her. May all that I do and all that I am be a blessing to the Earth. And so it is. Thank you God.

Shanta Gabriel
July 24, 2016

The Gabriel Messages #24

You attract to you only that which is in your consciousness.

Dear One,

Your thoughts are magnetic. Even when you are not conscious of what you are thinking, the power of your thoughts affects your life. What you hold in your mind creates a level of consciousness, and this influences that which you experience in your world. So, if you want to change the world you live in, start with your own thoughts and feelings.

There are many levels of consciousness. Total consciousness can be called oneness with the Mind of God. This is the place where the master teachers dwell, and it is a level of awareness that, ultimately, all humans seek to attain. The closer you come to submersion in this Divine Presence, the greater a force for good you are on the planet.

Praying for attainment of conscious union with God will increase the level of energy you work with in daily life, generating a high vibrational frequency within your mind, and thus encouraging more positive thinking at all times. Positive thoughts, when held in conscious awareness, can affect everyone around you in a positive way as well. Thoughts are “catching.” As all minds are a part of the Mind of God, the minds of all people are linked. Through this link you can spread thoughts of darkness and fear, or thoughts of love and compassion. It is your choice, and it takes moment to moment awareness.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem like you have a choice about the way you are feeling. Yet, whether this darkness is coming from you, or you are being affected by the consciousness of people around you, it is up to you to do what you can to change your thoughts. If you don’t, a downward spiral of energy is created, and more effort is necessary to come back to a loving perspective.


There are some very simple exercises that can be used to shift these thoughts and feelings. First, accept that your thoughts are causing you to suffer. Next, just be willing to change.

Your intention to create change will set that energy into motion. When you know what qualities you want in your world, you create that intention in your consciousness. For instance, is it your intention to live in peace, love and harmony? Or is it your intent to live in struggle, fear or intolerance? When you choose to live in the greater energy frequency of love and acceptance, the universe rejoices and all manner of assistance becomes instantly available to you.

Setting your intention is really a form of prayer, because it is stating what you want. You can ask for these qualities, and also for assistance in receiving them. It matters not to Whom you pray. There is only one God, whose power is available to you when you ask, and when you surrender your personal will to the greater Will.

Changing your world starts within you, in your thoughts and feelings. Hold in your conscious awareness only that which you want to experience throughout your day. You will find yourself attracting more love, harmony and divine order to every area of your life and you will lift not only your own consciousness, but that of the world.

Know that the Angels are guiding and blessing you so that all may be transformed, when you remember:

You attract to you only that which is in your consciousness.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel July 24, 2016 www.TheGabrielMessages.com


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