What Does It Mean to Embody Your Divinity and How Do You Do it?


We have been hearing so much about this idea of Embodiment,

but have you ever wondered what it means?


It feels like I have spent years creating the energy field that would allow me to fill myself with God’s Light. It was the most important thing for me to do when I first opened to my Soul Path in the 70’s. I was not thinking of it as Embodiment, because being on the Earth was not priority to me for the first 20 years of my spiritual practice. In the past 20+ years however, grounding has become essential to my happiness. The more grounded I become, the better I feel in my body. There has been a lot of energetic bush-wacking by fellow older Lightworkers since the 70’s which helped open the way.

There is a saying I heard once about being “so spiritual that we are of no earthly good.” That hit home to me because my ashram training was to fill up with God’s Light and leave the earthly domain forever.

By now most of us are aware that our spiritual focus is important not only to the global awakening, but to the literal sustainability of the environment and all humanity. For this higher purpose we came to Earth at this time. When we can hold a spiritual focus with our vibrational frequencies, we free others to be empowered in this greater awareness.

When we can hold that higher wisdom at this chaotic, violent and confusing time, it is called Mastery. And this is what we came to Earth to learn.

What is this Divinity?

Divine Presence is a powerful Creative Force that helps you immerse yourself, fill yourself with Divine Light and expand into its unlimited field of pure potential.

Empowered Light holds Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love.

Divine Love is the energy in which we live, move and have our being.

There is no place where God is not within us. Recognition and awareness are initial steps, but first comes Faith and Belief that it is possible.

How can you feel this energy?

Your vibrational frequency needs to be uplifted and your receiving channels open. Your energy system can be refined by spiritual awareness that you gain in Nature or other practices that open your senses and energy centers to receive.

Every synchronicity or the miraculous beauty that you notice in nature is a message from God that you are on the right track. When you can let go of doubts in your abilities to receive and create these empowered connections within yourself, doors open for more Divinity to work through your life.

How do you recognize this energy?

Spiritual energy can be subtle you are encouraged to take the steps to attune yourself so you can see the possibilities open to you.

It can also be a strong and powerful force that shakes your body and brings visions and sounds. It can break your heart open, leaving you sobbing with the sweetness of God’s Love.

Your challenge is to not be afraid. You may not have felt this powerful force before, but know that there has never been a time when you have been without this Divine Presence in your life.

Do not doubt God’s willingness to come through you. That is called Divine Grace and it is available to all who believe (and even those who do not). This presence is a tangible and palpable force of Light that you can feel when you are awake and aware.

Stop thinking you are not worthy. Let go of all the teachings that say it is not possible to be enlightened without an intermediary …such as a guru or a priest or enlightened teacher. Your soul is the intermediary attracting to you the wisdom, teachings and illumination that you require.

In the past, only special enlightened masters were able to embody their Divinity. But we have been a part of a great spiritual awakening on the planet since 1987 during the Harmonic Convergence. Divine Light has flooded the Earth and made the awakening of all humanity possible now. The frequencies are very high for us all and we can use them to transform our world.

How has this worked in my life?

I was born at a time when people needed to have an enlightened master to open their energy systems into the Light. I was fortunate to have a guru who awakened spiritual energy through initiation of the Kundalini life force that rises up through the chakra system to illuminate the crown.

That was then. But now is when all of Life is beckoning us to open to receive Divine Light and to allow Divine Love to empower us.

A pivotal moment…

In 1990 I was introduced to the teachings of the Archangels. Prior to that, I only wanted to be enlightened and to be happy.

I was visited by Archangel Gabriel, and then given an in-depth teaching of the energy centers of the body. This came from my Guru’s teachings, through messages from Archangel Gabriel and my mentor, Nancy Shipley Rubin. She brought the recognition that each chakra held a powerful quality of consciousness that seven different Archangels embodied. When I opened to receive a connection to these Angelic beings, I was able to recognize, integrate and use these qualities in my daily life. It was surprisingly practical as well as being totally illuminating.

We can open to receive these Divine attributes that feel as though the wings of Angels descend and embrace us personally for our evolution.

For me, this personalization of the Archangels blessings was inspiring and powerful.

Most importantly, I was also taught that we need to be alert and aware of our Higher Self before inviting random angels into our lives. Our Higher Self is the connection to our Soul, and through this source we attract only those beings of Light meant to support us.

Through our Soul – our most Divine Self, we embody our Divinity.

The impulses of this Divine aspect of me support the frequencies most appropriate for my Soul’s highest destiny.


Chakra 7My journey has been amazing, and my mission is to support those who are called to spiritual growth and service. I do this in many ways, including teaching. If you feel called, I invite you to join me for the Archangel Transmissions, a series of sacred teachings that opens you to your Soul’s Light. If you know anyone who you believe would benefit from these transformative classes, please pass this on.

In the power of this class series, you will be able to refine your ability to open and receive connection, empowerments and personal experiences of the Archangels working in your life. In this way you can bring forth Unity Consciousness.

If you have questions please email me at Shanta@ShantaGabriel.com

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