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I love doing this class series with you! I know our creativity will blossom and we will be able to go into new states of connection through our hearts and Higher Selves.

Our 4-week program features live gatherings on Zoom.

The class dates are November 9, 16, (Break for Thanksgiving, November 23) and

resume November 30, December 7

Our gatherings will be recorded, so don't worry if you can't attend live.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Class Materials

Handouts will be available to download on this page after each class (normally the next day).

The Zoom recording of each gathering will also be available. 

Class 1

Thank you so much for being in this class.

I love your comments and questions. They help so much to make this rather esoteric information more clear and available to our inquiring minds.

The class recording is posted below.

Books and Resources

In terms of resources and books that are valuable to me, here are some good ones:

Intuitive Intelligence, Make Life-changing Decisions with Perfect Timing by Paul O'Brien

Heart Intelligence, Connecting with the Intuitive Guidance of the Heart, from the scientists at Heart Math Institute.

Resilience from the Heart, the Power to Thrive in Life's Extremes by Gregg Braden

Blessings to all. May you be enriched and blessed by all that we do together.

Love and Gratitude,

Class 1 Recording

View on YouTube (or watch below):

Class Handouts (PDFs)


Creating a Sacred Space

Article - Thinking with the Heart

The Value of Heart Coherence

Integration Activity

Follow-up notes

Torus Field

Torus field



I AM creating a safe space where my Soul's guidance is illuminated and I deepen my ability to receive. All is Well, and so it is.

Class 2 Recording

View on YouTube or watch below:

This class discusses refining the energy system to tune into intuition, the importance of the chakra system, core alignment, personal power fields, and oracles for guidance and alignment.

Also emphasized is the significance of the octahedron shape in creating a personal power field and conducting a divination using runes. Shanta guides the group through a breathing exercise to align with their soul and strengthen their spiritual connection.

Class Handouts (PDFs)

I Ching 6_10
The I Ching is an example of an ancient divination tool several thousand years old. It is just one of many ways of opening intuitive awareness.

Prayer Changes Our Brain

Bridging Heaven and Earth Alignment

Alternate Nostril Breathing




Pineal Gland

Pineal Gland

Pineal gland



Rainbow Octahedron

Rainbow octahedron

Class 3 Recording

View on YouTube or watch below:

This class focuses on tools, signs, and synchronicities. I emphasized the importance of prayer, the role of thoughts and prayers in wiring truth into DNA, and the benefits of pendulums as a neutral tool for obtaining answers without manipulation. I also discussed the concept of using outer signs as tools to empower intuition and make decisions, the concept of synchronicity and the divine flow, and the significance of various ancient tools and oracles.

I also highlighted the destabilizing effects of current times, the importance of developing inner receptivity, and the concept of sharing one's gifts and the journey towards authenticity.

Class Handout (PDF)

Summary and Integration -


Human Energy Chakras

Human energy system


Class 4 Recording

View on YouTube or watch below:

In this class, we discussed enhancing intuition, emphasizing the importance of receiving one's own messages and having a sense of purpose. I also introduced the Bridging Heaven and Earth alignment and the role of different chakras in healing. A participant shared her personal experiences, and Shanta responded by discussing the importance of connecting with the heart as a healing and loving force.

Class Handouts (PDFs)

Daily Writing Exercise, 12 Questions

Bridging Heaven and Earth Alignment Exercise (PDF)

This inspired exercise creates a vertical alignment with your Divine Self that flows through you and connects you in Wellbeing with the Earth. As you do this, you are activating Divine Light in your entire body. You will feel whole and empowered as you do this exercise — it is transformative. Try it every day and see how you feel!

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May there be Grace and Ease in all your receiving.

Feel free to send me your feedback about this program or our time together. I'd love to hear from you!