Trust in Yourself

Inspiration for the Week

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel encourages us to remember that we are not alone, and we are being guided in every moment by a Love that never ends.

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week

Trust in yourself and trust in the Angelic energy working through you.

Many times I have found it easier to trust others more than myself. Much of it has to do with my upbringing, since I was raised in a military family where following orders was most important. However, trust seems to be a common thread for many people.

Learning to love and trust ourselves is one of the most powerful ways for us to serve in the world. The love that we give to ourselves is well deserved. If you are reading this, you have worked a long time to evolve and become a good and truly heart-centered person.

It is vitally important to honor the work that you have done for yourself to feel more integrated. Further, the Earth needs us to find this love and respect within as a key element to her evolution. The love and trust we give to ourselves brings us into the wholeness and well-being that is necessary in our development as well as for the wholeness and well-being of the planet.

We can feel inspired by others and we can learn from our many teachers, but to trust that we are being divinely inspired in every moment is paramount at this time. You and no one else has the connection to your soul and the guidance that comes from your Higher Self. When we begin to trust our inner guidance, we have more access to Divine Wisdom. It is like a muscle that becomes stronger with use.

And then there are Angels…

Working with the Angels is beyond the mind’s capacity to understand. Beneath the level of everyday awareness lies the spirit that is your true state of being. When you turn the light of clear seeing into yourself anew, a beautiful world opens to you and life responds by offering the magic of awakening energy.

When everything suddenly feels enchanted, you are being lifted up on wings of Angels to be carried into the realms your soul remembers. It feels like Home, and your inner self rejoices in the experience of the Love that awaits you.

This is the gift being offered to you by the Angelic Dimensions. There are some Angels that have been with you from the moment of your soul’s first incarnation as well as Angels that came to you for this lifetime. There are also Angels that show up when you are in a challenge that will benefit your soul’s growth in this lifetime. You have Angels that you can work with to over-light all your relationships as well as work projects. And there are legions of Angels who are specifically working to support all of humanity through the Shift of the Ages we are experiencing.

Because we live in a Free Will Universe, it is necessary for you to invite the presence of Angels into your life. Every one of these beings of Light holds your best interest at heart and is at the beckoning of your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self knows the Angels from whom your soul would most benefit. It is your job to be in contact with this most exalted part of your being and let this benevolent friend, your Higher Self who is your Soul’s voice, bring to you the help and guidance that you are seeking.

The Angelic Dimensions are actively involved in the mass awakening currently underway on the Earth. It takes the humans to make the difference, however, because the Angels cannot change the Earth without our conscious evolution. Humanity is the key to making the Earth into a heavenly place so we can all live in a 5th Dimensional reality.

Even our small steps make a large difference. I have heard it said that if we take one step toward God, the Divine takes ten steps toward us. When we allow the Angels to work in and through our lives, this assists in awakening the consciousness of all humanity through our learning to trust and love ourselves.

Divine Presence,

Thank you for blessing me with a deep connection to my Highest Self and the Angels that are here to work with me in this lifetime. Thank you for helping me learn to trust myself in powerful and consistent ways. May I remember to honor and respect all that I have been through and all that I have done to become more whole and integrated in my life.

Thank you for opening my access to the Angels that help me within all my relationships and the situations that surface in my life. I ask for clear wisdom and guidance every step of the way.

May each person receive the love from the Angels that awakens new depth and freedom within their heart. And may we always know how closely and sweetly we are being held in Wings of Pure Light.

And so may it be.

Shanta Gabriel
October 16, 2016

The Gabriel Messages #38

Trust in yourself, and trust in the Angelic energy working through you.

Dear One,

As the light within you grows stronger and brighter, you will find yourself bringing more wisdom and love to your world. You will begin to trust more deeply in yourself and know you are divinely guided at every moment.

Trust is an energy that grows the more you use it. Like a muscle that strengthens with exercise, so it is with trust. It comes not from the power of your doing, as much as it is an allowing of energy to flow through your being.

Trust comes from a deep level of faith. At the core of your being you know there is a Higher Power at work. You can turn your life over to this Divine Presence and things will begin to move in positive directions. Learn to listen more to your intuition than to what society tells you is true. Learn to listen to the voice of your higher self, which is your connecting link to the Divine Source. Remember that you know, deep within, what is best for you. Your higher self knows the answers to all the questions you ask.

Trust the Angels to help you with this process of connecting to God within you. They are an incredible resource awaiting your invitation. Begin to ask your guardian Angel for help in small ways. Follow the guidance you receive and you will find yourself trusting ever more deeply in this wondrous energy working through you. You will notice your life becoming simpler, and everyday activities becoming easier, due to an ever-increasing compassion and clarity within, and due to the grace of the Angels. This grace blesses every step you take and every word you say. This grace also becomes stronger the more you allow it to work in your life. It is a gift for you, but first you must ask, and then you must allow yourself to be open to receiving the good available to you.

These simple acts of trust can transform your world. Remember, your direct link to Divine Grace strengthens when you:

Trust in yourself and trust in the Angelic energy working through you.

Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel

Announcing the Immersion into Light Circle

An Invitation from Shanta to Join Our Monthly
Immersion into Light Circle

Have you felt concern for all that you have been noticing recently in the world around you? There seems to be so much upheaval energetically; apparent in the weather, global activities, injustice, not to mention the US elections.

What is the role of a conscious person when faced with these situations? The answer is to be a part of the solution rather than adding to the fearfulness that is so prevalent. How do we do that? By turning away from the appearance of disharmony and blessing the situation with the Light of Creative Solutions.

I have been fortunate to work with a group of very conscious people in our Immersion into Light Circle over the past year. There is a whole new feel now as our focus has heightened as a group. Each month, during our Full Moon teleconferences, we take the time to bless not only our own lives, but that of all humanity as it awakens.

The mission of this Circle is to join together in a dedicated group to hold a greater vision for true Freedom, Peace and Harmony within all beings and for the Earth.

We use our group consciousness to bless and empower the Earth with Healing, Peace and Love. The group energy that we hold becomes an amazing tool that not only blesses the world, but can fully change our sense of powerlessness in the face of what we see outside of us.

“I wish to thank you for your work in bringing us together to awaken in love and light. Not just for ourselves, but in service to all and with divine reverence for mother earth.”

Together in prayer, we literally transmute the fields of Light around the worldso they are more harmonious and set ourselves free from any thoughts of being powerless.

“I just listened to the Full Moon recording – how VERY Beautiful & Powerful it is…. You and Kelly were spot on!!! I am also loving your New Moon info!”

Recently we have been lucky to have as our guest, Shamanic Astrologer Kelly Beard, speaking during our Full Moon Teleconferences. She has brought us a wonderful gift of understanding and clarity as we navigate the powerful energies of our most recent moon cycles. These empowerments are added to the Full Moon Meditation that I channel from the Archangels, which each person receives every month. You can listen to the recording anytime to feel more uplifted and supported in life.

“Probably the most wonderful of gifts in participating is not feeling quite so alone in my walk in the world — and igniting my inner confidence to be all that I am. The inner knowing Shanta is holding for each of us during our time together is immeasurable.”

Each month on the New Moon, you will receive from me a theme for the month, a specific intention and a deeply inspired prayer for each person to create a focus that will support our own lives as well as that of all humanity. Each New Moon, I also provide commentary about the energies of the month that are fun and very helpful. Your intentions for life, as well as the group focus, are also being held on a special altar.

“I listened once more last night to that beautiful opening meditation to the Immersion Into Light group. I had a fractious day yesterday and it really soothed and calmed all my spiritual nerve endings. I really needed to be reminded of my true mission at this time, and the importance of my connection to Spirit, to these wonderful Beings and to my Soul Family. This meditation did that and I slept soundly.”

Does this sound empowering for you? That’s not all!  As a member of the Immersion into Light Circle, you will also receive discounts for my classes and private sessions.

Many studies support the efficacy of group prayer and meditation. In fact, the science has proven that when people within a group share a common experience of consciousness, the effects can be detected beyond the group itself.

Consider yourself warmly invited to join us and bless the world with expanding consciousness!

Enjoy all of this for only $14 a month! I personally invite you to join our Immersion into Light Circle and share the Archangels blessings with the world.

Learn more and join us here:

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