Timeless Practices for Living in Light

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Timeless Practices for Living in Light - Program

Have you felt like a fish out of water since 2012? Have you noticed the old ways are not working for you anymore, and you are not sure how to bring into manifestation what you want in life?

For centuries the masters and native teachings have spoken of this time. We have been given clear guidelines that can assist us in feeling more happy and creative in our lives.

Created by Shanta Gabriel under the guidance of Archangel Gabriel, the Timeless Practices for Living in Light Program -- now available to download -- brings you these clear guidelines, along with useful, practical tools in which Shanta has been trained in her 40 years of spiritual life.

Thank you for the first class, I finished in tears of gratitude. Starting September last year I have been opening myself to higher perspectives and I am going since then though a process of accepting and remembering who I am. I am grateful for my higher self to have guided me to your classes.

Who the program is for

  • This program is for anyone who desires to bring more of their spirituality into daily life and have less separation.
  • It is for those who are curious about ancient teachings and want to explore what has been proven over thousands of years to bring connection to the Divine.
  • It is for those who are looking for practical ways to be more at home in their bodies and in the world.

This program will help you learn to raise your vibrational frequencies and live in harmony with your Soulā€™s Purpose. It will help you to thrive in the new frequencies of 5D energy, which are much more heart-centered and spiritually-based than what we have always known.

Thank you for the work that you do bringing through the beauty, wisdom, love and radiance of Archangel Gabrielle. The messages you bring through have touched my heart and soul with pure loving beauty.

Spiritual practice is simply a training that creates a beautiful sacred vessel for you to enter into on a daily basis. In this place you retrain and rewire your being to hold the higher frequencies and learn to bring spirit into matter. It becomes a way of spiritualizing your life so that there is no delineation between your personal life, your work life and your spiritual life. This allows you freedom to experience life in a new more expansive and joyous way.

Thank you Shanta. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and it has helped me tremendously. It removed my resistance to altars and that's huge because it was a reoccurring hint that I kept getting and the importance of it really didn't sink in until I took this class. Now in hindsight, I see how many times I was hit over the proverbial head to get that done.

Learn to work with Divine Light

In the 5th Dimension, you create with Light Frequencies and harmonic patterns. Working with Divine Light gives you a powerful tool that will help you to create a life that reflects your conscious focus. There is a new freedom to co-create that has never been available before. It is a pivotal time in history, and the preparation for thriving in 5D begins with your spiritual practice.

When you bring Light into your body, every cell begins to vibrate at a higher frequency. When this happens, any energy within the cells that does not vibrate at that new frequency is sloughed off naturally, leaving you with new healthy cells.

I had the most remarkable response to the guided meditation last night ā€” profound energy shifts that left me literally vibrating! My GI system (which has to be the lowest energy part of my body) launched a massive protest afterward ā€” which I took as a very positive sign!

What's included in the downloadable program:

  • Recordings (mp3s) of the live Timeless Practices for Living in Light teleconferences held January 30, February 6 and February 20, 2014.
  • Class handouts (PDFs) including:
    • The Art of Empowered Intentions
    • Alignment Exercises
    • Centering with Balanced Breath
    • Creating a Sacred Space for Living in Light
  • Class review notes (PDFs)


Timeless Practices for Living in Light - Program Download
Timeless Practices for Living in Light - Program Download
Includes 3 teleconference recordings (mp3s), class handouts (PDFs) and class notes (PDF).
Price: $129.00

I was on the live call last night and although I had the opportunity, I was so caught up in the moment of it, I could not think of the question I had really hoped to learn more about.... Thank you for sharing your experiences and the things that you have learned along the way.

Thank you for the wonderful information you have shared to date. I look forward to the next session.

Thank you for the PDF files, they are filled with such good practical advice and how to get started. This is just what I needed. I was pleased to find myself able to create a space with ease as my initial reaction to creating one felt "out of character" for me. I was surprised at how beautifully it all came together. Thank you!!

I had the most remarkable response to the guided meditation last night ā€” profound energy shifts that left me literally vibrating!