The Power of your Soul Expression



Dear Ones,

Self expression is a highly desirable quality in modern life. So much depends on your ability to communicate that vast self-help industries have been built around this need.

When people are not able to communicate their truth it can cause pain and lack of self-esteem. They often need assistance to articulate and clear the blocks within the throat chakra which are cutting off their ability to speak.

But what about the ability to express your Soul and the gifts that you may be holding back from their expression? This becomes the leading question for those who are wanting to experience a deeper aspect of themselves. The desire to express your Soulā€™s gifts and share in more meaningful ways can be a driving force for an awakening person ready to express themselves in the world.

Your Soul came for this Earth experience, specifically at this time of mass awakening and change on the planet. There are lessons to learn and there are many gifts waiting for the time, place and development necessary for the spiritual connection required. Spiritual connection means taking the time every day to tune into your heart and to inviteĀ alignment with the most divine aspect of yourself.

Soul expression also needs to feel the grounded nurturing presence of the Earth in order to feel safe enough to free the channelsĀ blocked because of fear. The throat chakra is an important vehicle for the expression of creativity. There is such a need for the world to be lifted in vibrational frequency that it requires the throat chakra to open into the expansive field of your heart giving wings to your expression.

When the words you speak lift your own frequencies into the empowered presence of Soul expression, you can be assured they are working for the highest good of humanity as well. Using words of Power becomes an important tool in your expression of your soulā€™s voice. High frequency words have been escalating in power since 2012. They are often pure positive expressions of Gratitude, Beauty and Wellbeing. Each word vibrates in a way that not only raises your frequencies but also stimulates light in every cell of your body. In this way you become a radiant field of expanded Light using the frequency of your expression.

Your voice has the power to uplift others and expand compassion in the world. Prayer, devotion and commitment to your Spirit are the forces that activate your Soulā€™s expression. Your devotion to the Divinity at work within you uplifts your vibration and allows you direct connection to your Higher Self. This Divine Presence working in you is what your Souls voice is here to express. As you use the power of this most Divine essence within you, your Soul gifts and your Soulā€™s purpose express through your throat chakra.

Each mantra you say can stimulate the petals of the throat chakra. Each affirmation with specific words of power anchors more strength and connection with your divinity. The love and respect you offer to the Earth becomes the foundation for the new expression of your soulā€™s gifts in the world.

When you dedicate every word you say to the power of Love active on the planet, you become a conduit for new life birthing in the heart of all beings. You are being inspired in your spiritual practice to open and expand your throat chakra so that all that you are can be a gift to the world.

Your are needed. Allow your voice to be inspired so that every heart is uplifted by your words of Love. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Zadkiel
September 21, 2019


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