The Mt. Shasta Journal Continues from Shanta Gabriel

Mt. Shasta April 2013

Greetings from the Sacred Mountain,

Today the sun is out and there are snow flurries. Nature is demonstrating the intensity of the energy I am experiencing — like the myriad possibilities of life swirling around me right now, and it is very bright!

Since the Equinox there have been so many openings for everyone I know. Some people are getting confused because they have too many choices, but that seems like a small problem comparatively. The first part of the year felt like struggle just to put one foot in front of the other, that warm jello stuff we were slogging through. But now there is an opening to Creative Potential and Infinite Possibilities. For many, miracles are becoming the way of life. For me, Life seems to be getting way more fun. The energy feels more familiar than I am used to. I feel like I am coming into the time that I was meant to live in. For most of my life it felt as though I was out of step with the rest of the world, but now I am feeling more at home in these new frequencies.

We are getting closer to the beginning of the Eclipse cycle starting on April 25. This has amazing potential for Radical Transformation. More information about this on Some astrologers are calling it a “Wormhole,” meaning we could be catapulted across light years into a new form of evolution at the end of the eclipse cycle on June 21. To me this is such a wondrous opportunity that I am praying to stay centered and find ways to move through this time with calm, peaceful agility. In fact, it seems that if I can allow myself to be very flexible while I am creating new foundations for my life, I will be more capable of dancing with these new flows of energy.

One of the ways I am doing that is by taking a wonderful Tai Chi/Chi Gung class. The people in this class are very dedicated and also very experienced in life (in other words: seniors). During the class, there are prolonged periods of silence where only the sound of people breathing together is heard. It is magical and a very powerful experience. These ancient forms of exercise stimulate the flow of Life Force Energy through the body. Acupuncturists say “Energy follows Thought and Blood follows Energy,” so these exercises were developed more than one thousand years ago for health, longevity and well-being. They seem really useful right now for me and help tune me into the subtle energies at work.

Has anyone else noticed how verbal and conversant the trees are becoming? It seems as though the ancient wisdom of the Earth is being broadcast through them. There is a magnificent Blue Spruce in front of my living room window.  Yesterday I heard this tree  saying:

When I stand tall, my roots spread wider and I can withstand the winds of change.

I am aligned through the center of my being from Heaven to Earth.

I allow myself to be very flexible so I dance in the energy flows of life.

Seems like very good advice. I have been noticing how important it is for me to stay grounded, and that has been a full-time occupation at times. Staying grounded has proven to assist me in facing the challenges of the intense energy much more gracefully so I am committed to the process. I like being on Earth right now and want to trust the energy in a whole new way.

At times I feel like I am coming out of the womb, birthing a whole new life. Very springtime I guess. This new time is a Path of Discovery for me, like being newly born. I have a new, more curious way of viewing the world and find myself in Wonder and Awe much of the time. I am discovering how magical the world can be and it is very exciting. My inner spirit is totally engaged in the process. I am having these running conversations with my Higher Self, offering gratitude, asking questions, inviting angels and even sending blessings. Sometimes I feel compelled to tell people something that feels really important, but after it is out of my mouth there is sort of an “uh-oh WTF was that!” inner response from my conscious mind. I think I realize how very close this brings me to the “perhaps demented, senile old lady” thing. And yet I am trusting the process and watching with some amusement. Historically it may be called my “Crazy Crone Time.”

There does seem to be more intuition to follow now. On the Equinox I felt the strong impulse to go to my favorite local store, Soul Connections. This store has a broad offering of crystals, stones, beautiful cards, books, Buddhas, Quan Yin, incense and lots more, including crystal bowls. In fact there is one in the window that is at least 3 feet wide and deep, the largest crystal bowl I have ever seen. I went in and asked the owner if she would play it for me in honor of the Equinox. This delightful woman obliged my request while I sat on the floor to listen. An amazing deeply resonant tone came from this bowl and transported me. I almost wanted to cry because the energy was so intense and yet I did not want to waste it in emotionality. Then I remembered to breathe and grounded the energy through me and I felt myself deepen into this richly-connected place with the Sacred Earth. I have been immensely grateful for this experience, for following my intuition, and to have that level of resource available in this wonderful small town of Mt. Shasta where I live.

I wish you all a safe and happy passage through the Wormhole. I will be taking notes as we journey together.

Many Blessings, Shanta

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