Dear Ones,

You are mastering the expression of your Divinity in the world. The living force of Compassion is the fuel for your expression. Compassion is also the balm that nourishes the essence of your being. Whenever you feel the impetus to speak or write your thoughts and beliefs, do so. No matter how it appears, this action allows you to rigorously free your creativity, as priming the pump allows water to flow. As long as your heart is aligned with Compassion, your expression will support new life.

As you expand the fields of Light around and through your body, you are naturally creating more opportunity for self-expression. This expansion allows you to break through the old patterns of limitation that have kept you small and fearful. You are opening the portals of consciousness that allow you to freely express your deepest self.

This opening is something your soul has longed for as a part of the demonstration of your gifts. As you begin to more freely express yourself, you will be accessing the hidden recesses of your heart. Compassion as a living force is springing forth as a new reality for you; especially the compassion you give to yourself as you pull your being out of one dimension and into another.

The initial effort it takes to do that pulling is following the impetus from your Divine Self to spring you forward into new life. When you respond, inertia falls away along with former realities that don’t fit you anymore, like a skin you have outgrown. Compassion becomes a driving energy behind this expression.

Revealing your heart’s truth takes courage especially when you feel you are going against the tide of past rejection. Know that there is a new element of power contained within the compassionate wisdom that awaits your free expression. Let the feeling of willingness open up within you to join forces with the empowerments that have been activated through this very significant moment of mastery on Earth.

Freeing your creative expression is your task now. It is purely intuitive and reflects the power of the work you have been doing on yourself. It is your time to shatter the limiting molds that have defined who you are.

 The eclipse season has broken through the old crustiness that clung to your energy systems like barnacles. The gateways you are able to access this year will enable you to freely express your heightened passionate self.

New life is opening through your throat chakra as a consequence of your willingness to free your new expression of Self. As a result of this, the birth of pure Compassion is transforming you from the inside out.

Happiness and Freedom prevail as you open the gateways that allow Compassion to flow through you as the purest essence of your heart’s expression. Your Soul’s gifts thrive in this atmosphere, and you can light up the world!

Shanta Gabriel

for Archangel Zadkiel

May 15, 2018

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