The Gift of Divine Neutrality (mp3)

A Special Message from Archangel Gabriel, Received and Narrated by Shanta Gabriel

When you open to allow yourself to be immersed in a state of perfect balance, you are forever transformed. No longer will you be able to live in disharmony. The coding for your inner gyroscope has been transmitted by the Angelic Dimensions during Equinox and will automatically reset your energy system so you can feel more harmonious and at peace within your heart.

In this precious time we are learning to live in a greater state of Neutrality and Equanimity in the world.

Within this meditation, Archangel Gabriel offers the reminder that we are being honored, blessed and loved through this time on Earth by the Archangels of Light. They are helping us to align our work in the world with our Soul’s highest destiny, sparking our creativity so we can now bring our gifts into the world that needs the unique being that we are.

With this meditation you take time to open to receive new levels of Balance and Harmony. You are guided to anchor Neutrality and activate Divinity in your human form. Experience full immersion into God’s Light within your breath and feel the Archangels working in and through you as you are transformed from the inside out.

This amazing transmission from Archangel Gabriel holds the frequencies of Equanimity and a sense of Divine Neutrality that can bring you back into Balance whenever you listen.

My co-hearts Lana Walker, my Communications and Marketing Director (and who designed my beautiful Web site) and Shamanic Astrologer Kelly Beard, have graciously volunteered their time to make this powerful meditation available.

Enjoy the first five minutes online now. The entire 30-minute meditation is available to download as my gift.

"Thank you for the WONDER-FULL meditation==powerful, loving and deep... Namaste."

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Shanta Gabriel - Mt Shasta California