The Anusthan for the Holidays ~ Day 3

Guide - Anusthan for the Holidays


Once again, I have been awakened early in the morning as if it is time to get up and start the practice. I am OK with that idea but today it was 2:30 am and that seemed too early, especially since the time I set for my anusthan is 6:45. I like the inner excitement to do a spiritual practice however and it feels so beautifully supported, like the Angels are inviting me to come play.

It is cold in Mt. Shasta now with only patches of snow on the ground, but more to come. I love the crispness in the air and plan to go snow shoeing on the mountain today. I will bring you all with me on this outing.

The mountain is very beautiful. It is a good time to pray for all life. The sacred mountain is the base chakra for the planet to anchor our prayers into the crystalline grid of the Earth. Mt. Shasta is a blessing and I am so grateful to live here at her feet.

Archangel Gabriel brought another message today. It was about Believing and Achieving. That surprised me. He is saying that the Inner Spirit working outward in life is the only place we will find Stability. He promises that the Field of Light we generate through the Anusthan is transforming our cells and raising the frequencies so we magnetize the Wisdom, Love and Abundance we are focused on in the practice. You can read the whole message in the Anusthan pages.

Love and Blessings on this beautiful day, Shanta

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