The Anusthan for the Holidays – Day 2

Guide - Anusthan for the Holidays

Day 2 of the Anusthan brought me awake early, excited to begin another day. I began with some breathing and the ever inspiring Heaven to Earth alignment from Archangel Gabriel. After that I could feel my frequencies had raised so much that I was sinking into meditation. For my Anusthan, I had promised to do a mala, 108 repetitions, of my mantra before I let myself go into meditation. I am happy to report that the mantra seems to be going by very quickly, even though it is rather long. Then I could just let go into the peace that was there after the short practice.

Archangel Gabriel showed up again toward the end of my meditation. He was talking to me about the two parts of our psyche; the one that is excited to make changes in life, and the one that resists change and wants to pull back. He assured me that any foot dragging would not be an issue when inevitably, the Universe pushes us out of our nest and we are forced to fly.

And that is the powerful intention behind the Anusthan. It allows us to create a sacred space to prepare for the birthing of Light after the Solstice on December 21. (we are birthing light on the planet through us and this is true no matter in what hemisphere we live.)

During this sacred time we are paving our path with sacred sounds of new life awakening within our energy system and letting the Universe know what we need in order to thrive on the Earth.

After you register for the Anusthan, you will be able to read all the messages that I am receiving from Archangel Gabriel during our sacred practice before the holidays. Won’t you join me? Register here.

Blessings, Shanta

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