The Anusthan – Day 1

Guide - Anusthan for the Holidays

Today I began my eleven-day Anusthan practice. My major dedication for this practice is Birthing Light Within, and this is the focus for the group that is joining me from all around the world. On a personal level, I am also praying for myself and others to empower the completion in the Divine Purpose of the work we are doing in the world as our sacred mission.

I am using a special mantra that asks Ganesh, the Hindu god that is the remover of obstacles, to open the way for Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of Prosperity, Wisdom and Love, to work in my life and work.

More to come as I receive daily messages for those participating in this powerful spiritual practice. When you register you will be receiving these updates throughout our dedicated time of the Anusthan.

I am excited to begin this sacred practice today. It felt very special to sit in the candle light today. You are invited to join me anytime. Officially the Anusthan begins December 5. Register here.

Namaste, Shanta

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