The Antidote to Overwhelming World Events

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An Antidote to Overwhelming Bad News in the World


This is a good time for us all  to open into new visions, expand our perspectives and think about our intentions for life unfolding now for each of us personally and for the world.  Envisioning a benevolent future can be a powerful antidote for the Blahs or Deep-pression so many are feeling.

The news has been so overwhelmingly bad of late that it felt to me as if there was nothing to do but to withdraw into a protective shell until the worst of the storm passes. Only it has not really passed yet, and this is our new normal.

You may realize that never in your lifetime have you felt so overwhelmed or fearful about life on Earth as it has been presenting recently. Your response to this realization will become your new lifestyle. To survive this chaotic, violent time, you may need to grieve deeply. It may feel like a loss of innocence where all that you hoped for was stripped away. What is left may appear blindingly bright and vivid, and unspeakably sad.

It is your next step that is most important to your future life. Perhaps you will go into a deeper spiritual practice. In the quiet temple of your heart you can pray and envision yourself in a world of greater harmony. You may find yourself joining with others in a practice such as our Equinox Anusthan, with a a group focusing on a higher purpose. These reflective and inward practices provide a sheltered space to heal your over-stimulated nervous system and renew your ability to distance yourself in more equanimity as bad news continues. This can be called Spiritual Activism that takes us out of sadness and gives us the strength to move forward.

Maybe you are attracted to Political Activism that gives you the courage to move back into life. Perhaps it is volunteer work in places where people need food or the most basic essentials recently lost. Or even you are called to plant trees in the areas devastated by fires or logging.  All of these activities can give you a sense that you are not helpless.

With your active participation in a new life awakening on Earth, you may even restore your inner hopefulness. Your mind will open to new possibilities and news that is reassuring. Know that you are creating a greater foundation for the good that carries the positive creative flow of new solutions into the world. This sets the scene for your new life to unfold according to your thoughts and prayers.

You are being called into Divine Action and from there you can recognize that all is truly well.

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