That’s Why They Call It a Practice by Shanta Gabriel

When most people think of spiritual practice, they often think of hours of meditation. Maybe even twisting themselves into difficult yoga postures or bellows breathing. That may still be true for some, but for most people in western cultures, there is very little time for those more rigorous ways of honoring the spirit that lives within.

Because life seems to be speeding up, with more things on a To Do list than can be done in a day, people believe they don’t have time for a spiritual practice. And if they try to fit in meditation they often spend most of the time thinking about all the other things they need to do.

There are many other ways of participating in a more spiritually based life than what I have described above. Most of all, just because life seems more intense now, our spiritual practice is more important than ever. Many of us do not have time or the funds to go to a meditation center or a yoga retreat.

For that reason, creating more unification between daily life and my spiritual practice has been essential. When I do not feel in alignment with my spirit, I am not as resourceful or happy. Prayer has become more of an ongoing focus than ever before so I can remember a greater Truth at all times. That has become a deep aspect of my spiritual practice. We are practicing moment to moment to bring ourselves back into our hearts and into a state of Grace that inspires us for life.

Because of the intense pace of our daily lives, we may have noticed a greater need to feel nourished and fortified so we can live in more peace and harmony. For this reason Life is becoming our ashram. An ashram is a spiritual community where people can go to learn how to do the time-honored practices that will help them to gain more faith, feel more aligned with their soul and quiet their minds. The group that lives and does these practices together begins to have greater accessibility to these deeper states of consciousness.

Part of the reason for that is their dedication to a purpose greater than they can do alone. Another is the refinement of the atmosphere so higher frequencies can be maintained in a physical body. And even more, many studies have proven that the effect of the group can multiply the efficacy of the practices themselves.

It is for all those reasons that I created the seasonal group practices called Anusthans. When I lived in an ashram in the late 70’s, our guru offered us a number of different spiritual practices that we could use to celebrate special events or holy days. We would all make a choice depending on our time and capacities to do specific mantras, meditations or focused spiritual readings during the time period allotted. Over the 40 years since that time I have made the effort on occasion to do these practices and dedicate them to a specific purpose on my own. Even though I was alone I still felt the power inherent in the practice.

Because I have found out that the less separation I have in my daily life and spiritual practice, the happier I am, I wanted to share that with others. I was convinced that when we worked together, we would all be able to raise our frequencies and experience more divine states of awareness. I found found that it takes surprisingly less time to honor my spirit than in the past, because the vibrations of the Earth are more refined.

I started offering simple practices such as a prayerful alignment to our Higher Power and short and very simple Sanskrit mantras to do while walking or siting. People were amazed at how different they felt in a very short amount of time.

The power of the group works to help this process be accelerated. I was so inspired that I began receiving beautiful messages from the Archangels and when I shared them, people were also inspired. This process has grown so that many are also participating by sharing their experiences. We are linking our prayers and our altars with people all over the world, and there is an expanded sense of community.

The spiritual effects of the Anusthan lasts long after our eleven days are over. Many have found that just taking from 10 to 30 minutes each day for a greater focus with others, has been transformational. We also found out that we enjoy doing that as our hearts respond and grow more peaceful. Our lives begin to reflect this beauty as well.

There is an Equinox Anusthan beginning on March 11. It will continue through March 21. We will celebrate Equinox with the thousands of people all over the world who honor this seasonal point of power. We will also be able to bring the same Balance into our own lives that nature reveals at the time of Equinox. Our Equinox spiritual practice is dedicated to Balance and Equanimity within us and in the world. This expanded embrace of an expansive life purpose allows us to create greater meaning in our personal lives as well as for the world.

Please join us. If you cannot commit to the full eleven days, you can choose a shorter version such as 5 or 7 days. I invite you to come experience the magic of group spiritual practice for yourself. Learn more here.

Namaste (I see the Divine within you)

Shanta Gabriel
March 5, 2018

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