Temple of Light Meditation Series

Transformational Guided Meditations with Shanta Gabriel

Imagine having a personal sacred temple that you can enter at any time to connect with divine guidance, receive healing, as well as align with your Soul’s greatest gifts.

In this set of 3 transformational meditations by Shanta Gabriel, recorded during the Living in Light Program, you will be guided to create and access your own Temple of Light.

Inspiring background music by Thaddeus enhances your emotional connection to the empowering words and imagery.

Meditation 1:
Creating Your Temple of Light

In this beautiful guided meditation, you journey up the sacred mountain for a walk through flowering meadows, by the flowing waters, where you will discover a sacred space where you can create your personal Temple of Light.

Step by step you will be guided through the creation of this empowering sanctuary, where you can be instantly transported for your spiritual practice. You will also discover a nurturing, nourishing space that you can return to at any time. This is your sacred place where you can create a deep connection with your master teachers and angels.

In this sacred place of empowerment, you can anchor your greatest dreams in the Eternal Flame burning on the altar. Here, you can discover your Soul’s gifts and blend with your pure Divine Nature. Come again and again; allow yourself to receive the blessings of your Temple of Light.

Meditation 2:
Healing in Your Temple of Light

In this sacred journey, you are taken to your beautiful Temple of Light, where you will meet with Archangel Raphael and be blessed with a deeply inspiring healing session.

In the most beautiful and safe space you can imagine, you will be surrounded by Wings of Pure Love. You will open and clear your receiving channels for the higher forces of healing light to uplift into every cell of your body.

Here in your Temple of Light, you will meet with your own personal Angels and have a sacred place to return to for healing whenever you desire.

As you relax into this meditation, you receive the transmission of the deeply empowering love and healing presence from Archangel Raphael and the Angels of Divine Healing Light.

Meditation 3:
Grounding a New Reality

Here you will receive assistance from Archangel Sandalphon, who is called the Soul of the Earth and Angel of Well-being.

This meditation is about manifesting your Soul’s greatest dreams and birthing them into the world with the help of Archangel Sandalphon, who provides an important connection for grounding your new reality through your base chakra.

In the beautiful and sacred place of your Temple of Light, you are nourished and nurtured as you ground Divine Presence into your physical body, so you can become a more blended being, both Divine and Human, to bridge Heaven and Earth. This allows you to create a sacred vessel within your energy field so you can hold more high-frequency light energy and use that to empower your life.

Let Shanta’s soothing voice bring you into deeply confirming alignment with your Soul’s purpose and create a powerful connection with your Soul’s gifts. You are encouraged to bring these gifts into the world.

Through the transmissions of energy in this meditation, you can have a direct experience of Archangel Sandalphon and feel yourself enfolded in Wings of Pure Loving Well-being.

Listen to a sample:

A message from Shanta

These deeply nourishing meditations are a gift to you from the Archangels that will transform your life in profound and beautiful ways.

During the journeys to the sacred mountain, there is an empowered transmission that will help you to create a sacred temple within that will be there whenever you want to do your spiritual practice or receive guidance and healing from the Archangels of Light.

It is my honor to serve you through this sacred work.



Temple of Light Meditation Series (mp3s)
Temple of Light Meditation Series (mp3s)
Three guided meditations (mp3s) by Shanta Gabriel. Background music by Thaddeus.
Price: $33.00

What Listeners Say...

Your meditation/visualization was AMAZING. I will listen as many times as possible, but for now, I’m just so grateful. I am truly amazed.

The meditation is exactly what I needed. I will play that over and over. I need the grounding. It is one of the BEST in a Spiritual Essence at this time for me. It’s beautiful. THANK YOU for your perseverance, patience and connectedness. Many Blessings, Love and Gratitude for helping me/us see and be ourselves in our full Light at this time.