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My Initiation with the Archangels

“Is this an earthquake? Has lightning struck nearby?” The intensity of the light behind my closed eyes is brilliant, and the room is shaking in a way we native Californians interpret as an earthquake. Slowly, a growing awareness begins to register on my conscious mind, “I live in Hawaii, where earthquakes and lightning are rare occurrences. What is going on?” I wondered. Though I had been trying to focus on the woman lying before me on the massage table during a healing session in my living room, the golden light shining behind my eyes was awakening my curiosity.

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Imagine ~ Peace on Earth

by Shanta Gabriel With 4 billion people watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics, John Lennon’s song Imagine seemed a brilliant choice. As music that can bring people into harmony with the idea that Peace is a possibility in our lifetime, there is no other song that seems to tug on so many hearts as…

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