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As our gift for your support, you will receive a link to download the powerful Angelic Alignment (PDF). Archangel Gabriel gave this transformative practice to Shanta in 1990 to cultivate receptivity and to gain access to the practical, inspired wisdom he was offering.

Ten years ago I took your class and learned the Angelic Alignment. Ever since then I have been doing this process every day before I get out of bed. It is one of the most powerful things I ever learned. –A yoga teacher in Michigan

I would just like to share to you the effect of the Alignment Exercise you gave me. These past two days I really feel happy and full of gratitude. I also felt in my heart the Love of God and beginning to see with new eyes.

Every single message you send is always so very very wonderful, and this one is illuminating aspects of living life that I used to put attention onto years ago, but not so much recently in my life — about grounding energy, and so much more that you have articulated (And Gabriel too!) here. I am always profoundly grateful to receive your exquisite, extraordinary, magical and gloriously spiritual messages.

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What Readers Say...

"As always your sharing is the just the right message delivered at just the right time."

"Thank you for the wonderful weekly inspirations you’re sending out! So nourishing and supportive."

“Wow…this comes as the answer to a question I’ve been struggling to resolve. Thank you!”

“Thank you Shanta for all your powerful words of wisdom and knowledge. I so enjoy and look forward to your messages.”

“I have no idea how you came to my inbox not too very long ago. Must have been the work of an angel! I love your writing, through Archangel Gabriel or however that works.... Your writing today was particularly helpful for me. I sat there, as I read, and called to the Angels. Trust trust trust.”

“I would like to say how grateful I am to read your weekly inspiration pieces every week and how they inspire and uplift at the changing times!”

“And the other coincidental thing is that whenever I open your messages, it is the perfect one I need to receive, as this one was. And I am so appreciative of this, Shanta.’

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for the channelled messages you make available to all of us on your website. They always touch and inspire me and I am sure they have helped greatly to raise my consciousness.”

“Great inspiration, starting with a great title. You are a very good writer; your inspired words have a natural flow and very clean energy. I feel so good deep inside when I read and listen to you.”

“Thank you Shanta for this gift from the angelic realms. Your generous heart and soul is experienced in each of your writings!”

“Your weekly inspirations are treasured.”

“Wow, I loved this description of letting go of fear. It really resonated with me especially because this is one of my intentions for 2014. I did the practice on top of Mt Shasta and saw myself flying around the mountain on the wings of angels. I feel very free to know I will always be held up.”