An Equinox Celebration and Transmission
With Shanta Gabriel

March 20, 5:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


A highly-charged spiritual quality of Balance will be available during this spring's Equinox.

Through Equinox celebrations all over the world, this powerful balancing frequency will be grounded on the Earth and the essence of Balance will bring more Grace to the process of change that will be sweeping the planet during the coming season.

Archangel Gabriel states that energy frequencies containing the essence of Balance will act as a living substance of nourishment for the human energy system.

Transmission of Pure Light of Balance

During the meditation Shanta Gabriel will lead in her Equinox teleconference, with the assistance of the Archangels, a transmission of the pure Light of Balance will occur. The purpose of the transmission is to bring this nourishing, living substance into the physical body where it will seed, at an atomic level, the frequencies necessary to maintain a balanced state through the next season of high activity.

In this meditation, Shanta will create a Gyroscopic Stabilizing Field that allows the core balance within you to be in a moving form, like the gyroscope that keeps things level on vessels at sea.

A boat on the water is really very much like what we are experiencing in our changing world. As the waves grow in intensity, our need for a stable balancing place becomes ever more important. Your inner gyroscope is working constantly to keep you in balance, and the more you are aware of this mechanism the better you will feel.

The stabilizing field of the Gyroscope will be transmitted as a Balancing force that moves through your Light body and assists you in being a stabilizing influence with the world around you. You only need to be focused on the spiritual principle of Balance and the creation of a centered point within -- and your vibration becomes one of a gentle influence that is very affective.

Celebrate and be nourished!

Join us March 20 for our Equinox Celebration to help ground the powerful frequencies of Balance that are being transmitted. Included in your registration is Shanta's guided meditation (mp3) Planting the Garden of Your Soul.

Equinox Celebration 2023
Equinox Celebration 2023
Gathering on Zoom with Shanta Gabriel
Price: $22.00